Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bits and Pieces Skirt finished!

A while back I posted about a skirt I was making using the piece I chopped off a jeans skirt. I used that section as a yoke and made darts round to bring it into my waist size. Then I added a length of flowery cotton print. I used inverted pleats at regular intervals when I attached the length to the yoke.
I found some buttons that would give the large button look that is currently popular, but as I mentioned, they were kind of strange because they had slots in the centre rather than holes. I thought about attaching them with beads, but I wasn't sure they would be secure.
So, I asked around on some sewing lists. Some of the ideas that appealed was to put another button on top and sew through. As I got thinking about it, I thought I might try some of the tiny buttons I have been using for other things. Well, it was just the right look. I decided to alternate blue and purple to go with the print. (Instead of waiting to the weekend to buy more blue ones...I didn't have quite enough.)
I really like the end result! I am not too sure it is a style that suits me wonderfully, but it will make a change for a summer skirt now and again.

What pleases me the most is that I used up all the fabric from the skirt my sis gave me. The other fabric was from a large amount of cotton prints a friend gave me. The buttons were in a large job lot I got for a fiver from an internet haberdashery going out of business some years ago. And the little buttons were part of what I had picked up because I knew I would find uses for them in updating clothing! Nearly free really !

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