Saturday, 31 August 2013

Postcard 23

I tried the colour scheme of the last postcard (for my friend) and have posted it off to my family member.
Just something a bit different on this scrap to focus on for the postcard.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Map no. 7 - Belem

Here is another finish.

This map is about Belem, where I stayed the summer I went to Brazil. There was a lot that I learned, plenty of experiences. One of the main things that stuck in my mind was the contrast of housing areas where people lived. On one end of a street were large houses with plenty of garden. As you went quite a ways further down the street it became dirt road. Then you carried on even more and came to a swampy area where there was a boardwalk and on either side were houses built on stilts in the water. Teaming with people.

In researching this recently, I learned these are favelas - although the term is for any slum area, not just the areas on water. So, this map shows the Favelas in the dark green. I stitched beads to write the word Favela on to that portion of the map. It is in another shade of green, you discover it by surprise. Just a reminder that there are lovely people living in the rickety houses perched over the murky waters.

This map was transferred using matt medium on a reversed image. I used fine point Sharpies to make the streets stand out again. The streets in the Favela area are not so straightforward due to the random characteristic of the houses.

I am linking this to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday. If you are coming here from her blog, I also finished a couple other Maps this week. These are my journal quilts for 2013 with the Contemporary Quilt group. You can see it and the rest of the maps if you follow the link.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

York - Map no.6 finished and a brag

Binding sewn down on the York Map.

My Mother-in-Law lives in York. So I have enjoyed 26 years of being able to go and wander the streets. So full of history that you could almost touch the atmosphere.

Someone like me walked here 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 500, 1000 and even 2000 and beyond. Amazing.

Map no.7 should be done by the end of today.

Something to brag about.
Luana Rubin and Bonnie McCaffrey included my 'Cloud Puppy' in one of their videos about the Festival of Quilts! This particular video is looking at unique things happening with Art Quilts. So that is cool! You can listen right from the start, or move along to where mine starts around 2:06. Luana talks about the piece above mine first, but it is worth listening to, because the inspiration for it is also Dragons. If you haven't been following, the 'Cloud Puppy' is my attempt to go large with my series of Dragons and Fire Creatures.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

York - Map no.6

Almost done. Just need to stitch the binding down.
One of my most favourite places in the whole world!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Map no. 5 - finished

I showed this Journal Quilt in progress the other day. It has actually been in progress for a couple months, but I had so many other things that took priority.
But now it is done.

This is the text I put with it.
Carrying on the Map theme. This is about Salamanca, a town on an Indian reservation in Western New York. For a period of time I lived in a school building which had been converted to flats.

My favourite memories of living there was the visits to a Seneca Indian lady called Rose. Rose had contracted polio when she was young. This already had caused physical problems, but one day as a young lady she woke to find she could no longer turn her head. She had some arm movement but for the rest of her life laid in a bed depending on others. But Rose was not downhearted. Even though I went to read to her, I was the one who came away encouraged and challenged. I hope to be as much of an encouragement to others throughout my life in spite of limitations I face.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Postcard 21+22 and extra

Postcard 21 and 22 were textile artist cards I sent to my family member. I didn't take photos.

Here is another card from bits of the red batik which I worked into it with Triplus Fineliner pens.
I popped it into my friend's letterbox this weekend to welcome her back from a holiday adventure.
I think I will try that colour scheme again!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 19-25 Aug

2013 - Week 34 Daily Beads

sorry the photos are a bit blurry this week.








Saturday, 24 August 2013

Something on Saturday

I was looking for 'blobs' yesterday. Not brave enough to stand and draw them, so I took the camera.

I had noticed some mushrooms growing round the tree stump across the path from our house. So, while I had the camera out, I went over and took some photos.

There were actually several different kinds of them. I know nothing about fungi, but here are some photos of the different ones I noticed.
A bit like a crumpled wadge of paper

One of the kinds you see on sides of trees or logs.

Kind of like your normal mushroom
but some had holes in the tops

sort of like chestnut mushrooms
I think these are the same as above, but just older.

Not sure if this is a different one or a hidden version of the
crumpled wadge of paper kind.

Yes, quite technical language!

Anyway, perhaps some clue as to why this tree was nearly falling over last year. The Thoughtful Man had them cut it down before it fell on some kid's head.

And maybe these would be good blobs? I might be brave enough to go draw these...if not, I have the photos.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Discoveries in my area

Yesterday the Thoughtful Man said he was taking the day off. Did I want to go anywhere? It was meant to rain in the morning, but the afternoon was meant to be dry.
Hmm. Well, either a quiet foresty walk or discovering some little village or town.

So, we decided to go to Marlow. Even though we pass signs to go there from the A404M, I have never been. So, we went. The amount of time we had to look was directly proportional to the car parking space we found on the High Street. 1hour. The sort of wandering round a town amount of time Mr Thoughtful prefers.

So we walked up and down the High Street, through part of the 'town walk' path - a quieter back path, through Higginson Park - without spotting the Sir Steve Redgrave statue,
round the graveyard of All Saints Church next to the Bridge over the Thames, discovered the 'original' Lady Sew and Sew shop - spoke to Christine who I usually see in Bracknell market and that was about it!
But I think we will go back sometime and perhaps take a walk along the tow path and see the Lock.

Here are a few of the interesting bits.
The first Gold Post box we have seen. and on looking it up, I discover it is for Naomi Riches - the only Olympian or Paralympian I have met! I even held her gold medal!

A cool outdoor display for a toy shop (or a shop with toys, I didn't actually look at the shop!)

Spotted across the road near the George and Dragon pub. So, something else to look up - origins of the Town Name? No, I guess not, just twinned with the town in France since 1980. And why not, with such similar names?

And then after we were on the side of the road of the above mile marker (but further down), Mr Thoughtful spotted that someone famous had lived in the old house across the street. He could just make out the first part of the name. So I took a photo on zoom, and then zoomed on the playback setting to discover it was Edward John Gregory who is known for his painting of Boulter’s Lock near Maidenhead.

A memorial wall with a quote by TS Elliot in the Church yard.

Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end which is always

And one of the several photos of interesting grave markers.
I can't work out if it is a sword or a fancy cross.

So, that was a lovely little outing. On heading home, we also went down the little road with the sign Bisham under the Wood. Just a little curving lane with quaint old houses, but now I know what is there!
and on to see just what Pinkney's Green really was, as it is signposted off the same roundabout. But it seemed just a place with houses - although we did see the cricket ground. Maybe more to see if you went down side roads. But from the main road not really as picturesque as the name.

If you know different, tell me!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Journal Quilts

This week I am also working on catching up with the Journal Quilt maps for the Contemporary Quilt JQ project. I got quite behind with all the other things I was doing the last few months. So I have to get these 4 done by the 31st August or opt out.

The first 2 are nearly to stitching stage. I will tell the story of this one when I get it done.
This one and the next one have involved a lot of work in Paint Shop Pro.
I may just have to go with simple for the others. - shock!

However, 2 of my the maps from the beginning of the year are going to be in the display at the ICHF show at Exeter in September.
One is My Neighbourhood and the other is Vianapolis.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

skirt 18 + 19

Today I have been doing a bit of puttering and sorting whilst listening to the 5th test match of the cricket.

I also cut out 2 more skirts for the girls at Grace Village.
From some quilting fabric I have had in the cupboard for ages. Leaves with pinecones.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I have been doing a few finishes today. Sorting the back pleat on one of the skirts I made. Somehow the way I caught the lining down made it pucker.

and then finishing the hemming on this one...It was one of the UFOs I was trying to do at the end of July. So, now it is done and ready for when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Back view...front is just plain.

Signature button at the back - creates interest and secures the vent when sliding in and out of cars or whatever.

Trying to clear the decks so I can make a few blouses.

Monday, 19 August 2013

skirt 15,16 +17

Now that I have the busy time of the year out of the way, I want to make a few more things to send to my friend in Ethiopia for the over 10 year old children.

I got word the other day that Pattern Review were offering my a free pattern as thanks for managing the Fabric Stash contest in June and July. Normally I do my own patterns, but I have been looking at the Jalie board shorts pattern. Instead of drafting a boys shorts pattern and having no one to try it on to see how and if it works, I thought I may as well use an already made pattern for this. Skirts are not such a problem with fitting, but shorts/trousers have a bit more to them.
So, the pattern is on its way! As I understand it, there are several sizes included. So I can compare with the sizes I would have drafted in...keeping in mind the lads are more wirey than western kids and the fact that it looks like the pattern is drafted with a lot of ease.

In the meanwhile, I cut out and sewed the seams and edges for 3 skirts today. If I work at it a bit at a time I should get the waists and the hems done this week.
Here is a glimpse of the fabric. They are inside out at present, so the turned back section is what the outside will look like.

This was the fabric that was a bit peach with red...and when I prewashed it with a teal fabric ( a seperate length left from making the Epic Quest coat) the teal somehow hadn't got all the dye washed out, so I ended up with this rather curious flowery tealgrey. In a way, it has a bit of elegance to it. So, better for a few girls to wear the skirts than for the fabric to stay in my stash til inspiration has struck.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 12-18 Aug

2013 - Week 33 Daily Beads

The constant is still the twisted bugle bead. The stop bead at the end is also the same for all.








Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cloud Puppy at FOQ

Here is a photo of the Cloud Puppy at the Festival of Quilts. It got pretty good comments.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness

Some photos from the Fashion Show at the Festival of Quilts.

I was invited to enter my ensemble ' The Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness' which they proceeded to call the Dragon Coat and The Dragon Gown. oh well.

Difficult to get photos because they moved so fast. But I tried out the 'Burst' on my camera and got some pretty good shots of my gown at least.

I did have the most beautiful girl to model it!

She was meant to take the coat off to show the gown, but I guess they had so many gowns to get through, they only had one chance to twirl.

But she did have it off for the final line up.

This was originally shown at the Bernina Fashion Show in Houston. Nice to give it an airing out of the cupboard!

There were small photos of some of the garments on the front of the catalogue. Both the gown and the coat for mine were on there.

A few other ladies I know - I think all from SAQA actually - also had garments in the show. As did the people from Lady Sew and Sew - the children modelled them.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Just taking it easy

My friend said she thought the Festival of Quilts had worn me out (in so many words) because I hadn't posted.
...No, more like taking a bit of a holiday.

Monday I flaked out in a chair most of the day and then sorted the rest of the finance part of the SAQA exhibit - that kind of thing takes me several hours.

Tuesday I did the report for SAQA and caught up on email.

Wednesday I went to my friend Merete's house where we had a dyeing day. She gets such good strong colour results and I don't. So I wanted to do it with her to understand what I needed to do differently.
I was going to do photos, but my camera needed charging.

Today I was tidying from the tip my room had become - fabrics pulled out of cupboards for dyeing and purchases and things packed for the show just dumped in places.
Oh, and charged the camera.

But haven't downloaded anything.

Trying to think about the things coming up in the next few months and working out priorities of what wants doing the most and what wants doing first and what wants being left out altogether.

Perhaps I will have some photos and something to show tomorrow. I am actually feeling pretty good, but just being low profile while I recover from several months of intense making or supporting others in various ways.

So, okay, you can't do a post without a photo. So, a quick download of this one...
Here is my Visible Horizon piece in the Contemporary Quilt Horizons exhibition. second from the right.

You can see all the others, how the exhibit looked and the names here.

Some good things happening from this, which I will talk about perhaps tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 5-11 Aug

2013 - Week 32 Daily Beads