Sunday, 28 June 2009

2008 Journal Quilts - FOQ

Some weeks ago, in the midst of all the focus on teaching and studying and all of the other things I get up to, I was gutted to find I had missed the deadline for entering the Festival of Quilts. It will be the first time for a long time that I have not had something entered.

However, thanks to the Contemporary Quilt group and the journals we did, I will actually have something to show. About 40 of us will have 4 journals each displayed around the walls in the eating area. Not ideal, perhaps, and no options for having an artist statement, but it will provide some interest, we hope.
So, these are the 4 I have chosen. I am putting them together for the display. They gave us a very practical way of joining them. 1 inch strips of white netting (it will be on a white wall), stitched along the joins. Then a hanging sleeve will be added. So, here's me getting mine prepared to stitch together.

Joining this way makes it flexible enough to fold for sending off, means you can butt the edges together and stitch them without obsessing over ramrod straight edges, and the white net will fade into the white wall.

If you go, don't foget to have a look. You may recall I used Kool-aid dyed wool blankets and palyed with colour and shape...and learned how to free motion quilt with confidence.

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