Friday, 29 July 2016

Life happens

So, I haven't been around here as much as I like. By the time I get time I have been too tired.

I had a nerve block done on Monday (my birthday!) for my neck...hoping it will help headaches. but in the meanwhile, since the injection sites are on the back of the head...well. I am finally getting around to the point where I don't feel like I banged my head on several nails. The first few days I also slept more than I expected I would.

The neck is already better in that it isn't just the pain from recent times that has eased off, but also the everyday for many years pain. So, it is sort of like something is missing! It is helping me not to tense up so much and hold my shoulders around my ears.

And today I sewed. So, I am glad for that.

On Sunday we checked out the lacing for wedding gown no.2. We found it worked best for her if we started at the bottom.

2 things besides the fact that we haven't put the modesty panel in yet.
- I wish I had started the loops nearer the top, But I was concerned they wouldn't be so secure. So, there is a wide elasticated waist stay which we found isn't needed as a waist stay because of how it makes it sit at the front. And today I took it out (only stitched in from the side seams.) and I am repositioning them to pull at the top of the bodice. Pulling the lacing wasn't helping the bosom to fit, but when we pulled from the side seam at the top, it did work.
It is not the easiest thing to do, what with all the boning spronging the bodice around when you are trying to get it under the machine...and the integrated petticoat weighting and pulling the dress away from the machine!

- The pulling lines across the hips are more from the boning I used holding the curve from being wound in the package. So today I steamed/pressed the humps and they seem to be straighter.

And when these are sorted. There is the hem! A straightforward hem on this one. Lining is behind the netted petticoat, so doesn't need to be hemmed at the same time as the layer of fabric behind the lace.
And then re-siting the lace...a matter of a bit of hand stitching and no embellishments!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 17-23 July

Week 29 - July 2016





Change to a different bugle bead



Saturday, 23 July 2016

Something on Saturday

This has been a bit of a week.
However, the wedding gown (no.2) I am working on has behaved very well. Lovely to come hide away and do a bit of work on it when life is a bit too much.

Zip replaced by lacing loops. We will check out the lacing tomorrow and then see where to position the modesty panel.
Lovely heavy lace on this one. And NO beads!
The lace on the other one was sooo fine it kept catching on the beads and sequins.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 10-16 July

Week 28 - July 2016


Change to a different bugle bead





Switching from the silver to the gold bead

Saturday, 16 July 2016

back to my own work

After hours of sewing on beads and sequins that were falling and kept falling off of the wedding gown (no.1), I finally got it finished. And today it was collected. Much falling in love with it all over again on her part.
Much joy to see the back of it on my part!

I don't know why I struggled with this. The alterations I had to do were simple, but the threads holding the beading were worn from being a shop model. This added to the complication that they had run the threads along for sometimes 3 or 4 inches under the surface of the lace with out a stop stitch. So, when a sequin had caught in the lace, the weight of the gown would pull the threads. Areas were puckered when she first brought it. and with all the pulling, something had to give! so the thread did ...
and then the sequins and beads slowly came unsewn. Being me, I couldn't just let broken threads hang off, completely unbeaded motifs remain amongst partially beaded ones. And the thought of it still shedding them as she went down the isle! I think I did major repairs on almost all the motifs!

Anyway, after a nap, I thought I would read a book. But my gown won out. And so I have spent a joyful afternoon sewing pearls on the gown (yes! for some reason it was totally different!)and listening to the cricket! And it was more like a summer day today, which probably helped.
I have already got halfway down the front as well!

I will be working on wedding gown no.2 next week. (My closest friend's daughter) My friend has been doing the unpicking, and there are no beads/sequins. Hurrah!
But somehow I think this one will be more joyful. I think I would rather (if I need to do alterations.) do them as a gift than even for reduced rates for friend's daughters.

But I think, judging from this, that I enjoy making my own designs and seeing them come together under my fingers.

Here is a photo of the lining at the point where all the seams come together in one spot.
You can see there is an inset seam to deal with on front and back, too! But love the putting together of the puzzle. I wouldn't probably do it on a quilt, but a gown...yes.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Today I had a lovely day with my dear friend Karin who was on a long layover on her return to Ethiopia.
Forgot to get a new photo! But she hasn't changed.
Lots of words and catching up. We always pick up where we left off! She is a very special lady.
Karin is director of Abraham's Oasis Foundation in Shire-Endaselassie, Tigray, Ethiopia. Lots of photos here. Beautiful children and people.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 3-9 July

Week 27 - July 2016



Switching from the gold to the silver bead





Saturday, 9 July 2016

Something on Saturday

Some of the other bits of art at SHP last weekend. (Okay it has been a recovery week! Amongst the other people things that were part of the week.)

Sorry, I have missed taking photos of a few of the artist's work.
If you go to the Engage! website, you can find out more about the artists and the work. There is a link to download the brochure on the What's On page.


Louise Anderson The Butterfly Arch

Anji Archer Little Chapters

Jane Bonney The Importance of Being

Sarah Britten-Jones Takin' The Lead

Diana Burch Roots

Jane Glennie Loose Parts
Saturday morning
Sunday afternoon

and 8th Day

Dolly Kershaw Camera Obscura + Wind

Mark Langley An Act of Folly

Charlotte McClelland The End of the Rainbow?

Miya Wassing Light

Alessandra Rutili Spinning our Yarn

Pippa Ward Hanging Around


Louise Anderson Ministry of Works - Butterfly Type Plan

William Lindley SHP Reimagined

Lam Ly The House is In

David MacDiarmid Ghost Versions (I-IV)

Pene Murgatroyd Piano Keys

Lucy Ryan Garden Supper

Delia Salter Ground

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 26 June -2 July

Very Delayed because of the busy weekend, even though the photos were taken.
Week 26 - June/July 2016






June's beaded fabric squares

and onto the tassels again. New design but I decided to stay with purple/pink.