Monday, 13 December 2010

Going to See Family

My dad is doing better but is still in ICU. SO I am off to see him.

and my wonderful sister who has been looking after everyone.

Perhaps some times like this?

Back in a weekish.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mince Pie anyone?

Yesterday, we were glad the weather had warmed a bit. Some of us from the church advertised our Candlelight Christmas Carol Service coming up by setting up a table near the local shops and offering mince pies, biscuits and non-alcoholic mulled wine.

It was quite fun, my husband had rigged up a battery and CD player to play carols and was using the remainder of a helium canister (from a youth club event) to blow up some balloons.

Here is a quick photo when PCSO Hilary stopped by to say hello.
There was a lot of interest, so perhaps we will have plenty stopping by to sing carols with us on Sunday.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Heat Tools

Wednesday at the Machine Embroidery class -

A bit of stitching

and then a bit of zapping with a heat gun
and look!

And then to top it off...
a bit of judicious mark making going on (drawing with a soldering iron)

Much fun was had by all.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

pattern drafting

On Monday, the ladies who are doing the first year of the level 2 City and Guilds Fashion (7112) were very excited to get onto the drafting at last. Here they are drafting skirts.
The language of drafting is a bit of a shock to start with, but once you see how it goes, and when you start to recognise you are drawing a skirt pattern as you follow the measurements, it isn't too hard. Just a LOT of concentration needed!

Sunday, 5 December 2010


So the snow came. I had to cancel my hospital appointment because I didn't want to drive to Slough in the weather/traffic conditions. So, it will be January before I find out more about having fibromyalgia.

Then middle of the night phone calls about my dad who'd had surgery early in the week which went dreadfully wrong. At this stage - Sunday - we have been through alot including his having to be put in hypothermic state and airlifted to another hospital, having more surgery and so on. They have now raised his temp and are waiting to see how he is when he is ready to wake up on his own.

So, decisions with teaching and other responsibilities about going to America to see him. and I don't want to go on my own. My husband has some things going on he really can't leave. So, my son is coming. As he won't really be finished at uni til the 18th, we decided to hang in there this week and go  on the 13th. We both will only miss a few sessions that way. I guess we will stay a week.

So, having noticed that since the snow has gone, here is a photo of resilience for you.

The snow had completely covered these winter flowering pansies and they looked like they had been frozen. But today, now that the snow is gone, I was amazed to discover they not only survived, but bloomed!

resilience and hope

Friday, 3 December 2010

Stitch on paper and metal

So in the Machine Embroidery Class, we did get to stitch on paper and metal before the snow came. (Then a lot of turmoil with a family situation meant I didn't get to the computer)

So here are a few of the photos.

Some painted paper trimmings I had were popular.

And pages from the old Brazilian dictionary I mentioned.

interesting results on the back because paper doesn't play like fabric when it comes to tensions.

some stitch on metal

Some combined things, including stitch on mylar(space blanket) which one of the Thames Valley Offcuts sewing group ladies gave me.

I hope to get a few more photos this week of anything else they have tried.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Green skirt

Lately things have been a bit fraught with a few things where I work. You don't actually realise how it zaps your energy until it starts to be resolved and suddenly you can think again.
Yesterday I actually managed to get several things sorted.

One was the Blue Agate piece which got caught in the rain when I did a demo session outside in April.
Here it is before the rain.
It was laying near the TuDo Bem piece, and the red from the book cover piece ran onto the Blue Agate! So, I tried rinsing it out, which did help, but melted away some of the paper. It was too discouraging to fix then, but since I want to show things where I have stitched on paper, it was time.
To Do Bem piece with part of a torn Brazilian dictionary cover.

Besides some of the edge of the painted portion melting away, the silk below it was tinged pink, which really didn't work. I didn't get a photo before I started.
So, I painted white pearl fabric paint over that and repainted the edge. I am quite happy I have been able to restore it!
Here is the "fixed" section.

Ages ago I cut out and started making up a green skirt. If the weather is not too cold, I'd like to wear it to a Christmas lunch on Saturday. It only needed a faced waistband and hemming up! It isn't exciting, but it will do with a blouse that has red and green.

Hoping the snow doesn't cancel the stitching on metal and paper, tonight!