Monday, 22 June 2009

Book Cover - kits

Normally, I don't like the idea of kits. I like to give people a choice. However, for the Crafts @the Library session tomorrow at the Birch Hill Library and Wednesday at the Great Hollands Library, we are doing book or notebook covers. And, as you must be tired of my saying, we are working when the library is open, so will have to hand stitch and use liquid adhesive rather than sewing machines and fusibles.
I really don't know how many are coming. It may be more than we normally have, since the event is listed in the leaflet about Bracknell Community Arts week. So, because I was already going to have to fuse the interfacing to the fabric and overlock the edges so the pieces won't fray, I decided to do kits. I have included a piece of fabric which can be used to cut into shapes which can be painted with the adhesive and then attached to the cover. I also added the wooden bead, and will cut a piece of the elastic to size and include it. I will be bringing the pack of beads and some extra fabric scraps in case, but since the main focus is working out how to make a cover, I think it will be alright. They will get a choice of embroidery thread to stitch with or to use to embellish if desired.
I had a very large amount of quilting fabrics given to me by my friend Gabrielle, and I have been using these fabrics for these various workshops. The colours are interesting to revisit, as current quilting fabrics have their own look. For instance, I am lacking a bit in bright fabrics, partially because I passed most of the fabric on to Helen to use in Charity quilts. I am trying to have a good selection without cutting into larger pieces. At some point, though, I won't have any left! And so back to the kit idea, I just had visions of yet another box of left over parts I have prepared for a specific use. Doing it this way means I can dip into the stash again for other projects.

So, there we are. I guess I need to remember, as well, the cost for the supplies are really not being recouped.

Basically, I just need to give myself permission to supply what I can without fretting about it!!

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