Saturday, 27 June 2009

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Today's Featured Blog is Beth's Blog, written by Beth Brandkamp. Beth has a good sense of humour and is known for her exciting marbled fabrics. She uses them in quilts and in wearable art. She has a good eye for working with bright colours.

Lately Beth has been taking "failed" dyeing attempts and is marbling over them. Check it out here and here. She is coming up with some really great pieces. Sounds great...instead of tossing the bits she is not so happy with, now she has some that will work really well in her various projects.

As for me? No marbled fabric here. You might have guessed, I am pretty good with doing most things...except knitting...and if I can read about it in a book, I can usually do it. However, sometimes there are certain techniques I would love to do, have books about, and in the case of marbling, have a kit for (!), but somehow haven't got over the hurdle to do it yet. Wouldn't it be great if Beth came over and I could get over my fear or what ever it is that is holding me back? I even was shown how to do it on paper when I was doing my C+G design principles and got good results. But I haven't done it on fabric yet!

If I could learn to do marbling on fabric. I know I would find ways to use it. In fact, if I had been able to do so, I would have marbled fabric for the lining of the coat of the Bernina Ensemble "Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness". As it was, I bought some fabric that was printed with a marbled pattern. The coat was meant to be like an old book and I wanted it to open to have the look of "end papers".

See what I mean? I even did a "bookplate". The printed marbled fabric wasn't just like I had in my head, but it was sufficient in the circumstances.

What is on your "I wish I could learn to do this" list? If it is marbled fabric, maybe you can get some tips from Beth.

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QuilterB said...

Thanks so much for "featuring" my blog! I just happned upon yours as it was referenced in one of my "came from" statistics! I would love to come back to England to visit!