Friday, 27 March 2009

Jeans skirt Makeover - Part 1

When I went to Houston for the Quilt show and Bernina fashion show, I met my sis there. She gave me this jeans skirt that didn't suit her.

It does fit me a bit, but is kind of long. Besides, it is a bit boring. front

So, I am going to do a makeover on it. I want to use paint, etc, but til today, I hadn't worked out just what I wanted to paint on it.

This will be done in and amongst the teaching and assignments, but will also be a sample for one of the day long classes I will teach called Decorate Your Clothing. (Okay, I didn't make up the name. I probably would have said Funky Duds or something equally off putting.)

So, watch this space. Hopefully the gaps between makeover posts will not be too great!

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