Friday, 5 June 2009

Fusible Appliqué Pictures

Here are some of the designs for the taster session on Tuesday at New Directions.
Fusible Appliqué Pictures
From 11:30-1:00
New Directions - West Reading Centre, Wilson Road, Reading, Berkshire.
phone: 0845 842 0012 (This is in the UK).
website -

The session is about getting an idea of what you can do with fusing. These can then be taken home and enhanced with stitching. I did a few samples (on pieces of denim) to show how it could be used on a garment. If you recall, I did a flower on the cheerful skirt using this method. It is one way you could smarten up something you are trying to refashion. It can also be used for rescuing something like a t-shirt that has got a stain. These designs are more adult, but you can choose designs suitable for children and do a rescue job.

Okay, these photos are a bit blurry, but you get the idea. (I need to stop taking photos late at night when my eyes have stopped working due to the pollen!!)

I also went to Reading and got a bit more paint for the Recycle and Restyle Your Clothes workshop on the 20th June, 10:00- 16:30.

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