Thursday, 11 June 2009

Funky Wooden Magnets

One of yesterday's workshops was a session for young carers. Here is a sample of the work from the children who came to paint wooden magnets. They all had great fun. A bit messy, a bit fraught at times, but they all enjoyed the experience. One boy rang his mum while we were working. "Mum? Guess what I'm doing? Well, I'm not going to tell you; but don't look at the fridge when I come home... Bye"

I love it!

I stopped into the fashion class today to sign off some work in logbooks for the Design Principles course.
One of the students had been in the Fusible Appliqué workshop, so she brought in her piece today. She had carried on at home by going round the pieces with zigzag stitch. This was really good, as I had given the idea for a suggestion, but you never know if anyone will follow through.

Some of the other ladies had been in the tie dye class. They brought their dyed pieces all nicely batched and washed out, too. They looked really good. I forgot to get photos, but we are having an exhibit on Saturday, so I think the work will be there then.

It was great to see the positive feedback after the sessions.

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