Tuesday, 31 May 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 22-31 May

Week 21 - May 2016

All the photos were taken, but with the Bank Holiday, I didn't get them sorted and posted. So, Posting today all of the rest of May's tassels.











And all of May's tassels together

Friday, 27 May 2016

Engage! with Art at South Hill Park

I have had the privilege this year to be involved in setting up an event at the beginning of July for Art at South Hill Park. This is our local arts centre, the grounds of which we dog walk or wander looking for inspiration...
...like the mistletoe in this tree.
Or these ducks. (Actually, a group of us from church did a ramble around the North Lake on Sunday afternoon.)

The event coming up is called Engage! with Art at South Hill Park.
It will be a contemporary visual art event with unusual art works and site specific installations.
Enlarge the images to see the brochure.

At the moment, the work is all in the proposal stage, so the publicity shows images of similar installations by artists in other places or photo manipulated images to give the idea. I am excited to say that my image, worked on with the PaintShopPro programme is on the brochure!

Oh! and did you notice? We applied for a grant from Arts Council England and were given it! So, wow! the participating artists will be paid!

I have always thought the bull sculpture at the front of the building was very humorous. Perhaps being raised on a farm?
So, you can see what I am proposing if you look at the second page. I will wait til it is nearer to July to tell you more about it.

However, in the course of researching the Bull at the Gate sculpture, I have had the privilege to converse with the sculptor, Marcel Baettig. He made the piece during his artist in residency in the mid-90's. So, he asked if I had any photos. Of course! I think it is so cool! So, I sent him photos. Hopefully, he will come along to the event and see how things have changed at SHP. Marcel is now the Chief Executive Officer at Bow Arts, Bow, East London.

I am also going to be doing a 'workshop' interactive activity with visitors. So, if you are in the area on the first weekend in July, do come along and say hello! As I say, more to follow nearer the time.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ramshackle: Country Community accepted!

Ramshackle: Country Community

I received word this week that this Ramshackle piece will be part of the SAQA Wide Horizons V exhibition. It will tour Europe and may go further.

It starts at the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace, France, in September 2016. The exhibition will travel to Italy, Germany and Czech Republic and they are looking for other venues.

So, now to get back to work on the one I haven't been showing you!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Weaving Sticks

I mentioned the weaving sticks Caroline Marriot was selling on Saturday. (my fingers want to type stitch so end up typing stitcks!)
This is what was on the sticks I bought. (Although I had already changed the warp threads when I took this photo.)

I like these colours, but don't really have other wool or yarns to go with this. So I dipped into my collection of wools from Linton tweeds. I bought them at the first Sewing for Pleasure show I went to in the mid 90's!
This was just the thing for them. It made a thicker weave, because most were at least 2 threads together, if not 3 or 4. I started it on Sunday evening watching Country File and finished Monday night watching the Sewing Bee!

So, it makes up quick, it is addictive (as in 'you can't stop going on to the next thread colour'), and is a good use of odds and ends of threads that aren't enough to use for something else.

Only what will I do with it? I still need to tie off the warp thread ends and perhaps plait them or put beads on them.
Well, this was a sample, so that is okay. I have some blue and white eyelash yarn I have had for ages that I think will be pretty wonderful worked up on this. Maybe make/buy some more pegs?
I will have to experiment.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Caroline Marriot talk and workshop

On Saturday at the TVCT meeting we had Caroline Marriot who gave a talk about her work and then did a workshop.

The workshop was about layering fabrics to fuse
and then to stitch.
Some of the work in progress from the TVCT afternoon workshop.
Sorry, my photo programme froze after I did all the work to make the combination photo,
so I had to do a screen shot snip instead. So it isn't as easy to see as I would have liked.

We were all fascinated by her discussion of rag rugging and her involvement with the Big Weave. We bought up her packs of weaving pegs and rag rug hooks.

I was planning a few taster demos in the afternoon of the next January meeting, so I asked Caroline back for a taster of rag rugging!
Caroline will show her work and have it for sale at the White Knights Studio Trail in Reading. That link also has images of some of what she has made.

Monday, 23 May 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 15-21 May

Apologies for the delay, the last few days have been overwhelmingly full of one meeting or another! They all come at once I think.

Week 20 - May 2016







And the bugle bead changes again for the last set of 10.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


We had another fitting of the wedding gown I am altering. New hem length tacked in place and galloon lace moved is okay to finalise.

A better idea for bustling looks good. Easier to see how the bustling works with the front being more near the right length. The new straps were a hit.
I have been replacing sequins and beads which had fallen off (it was a shop display version). So, this should be pretty near done before the end of the month.
We will do another fitting nearer the time to check a few things.

So, I have made the appointment for the next gown fitting for my closest friend's daughter whose wedding is several weeks sooner than this one!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Busy times

I have been quilting away at the Ramshackle piece. I managed a system with my long table behind the machine that works better than I have had to deal with previously.

I was also doing some consolidation of fabrics so I could make a bit more space in here - or at least get the boxes off the floor.

I was delighted to discover some pieces that will work well to make my gown for Festival of Quilts this year.
I had the golden yellow silk for nearly 25 years. A remnant for £3 a metre! I hadn't been able to think of anything to properly work with it.
But, in the cupboard where the lace was kept, I found this lace remnant had slipped behind a box. Oh! It is just the right colour for the pale part of the silk!
And then I remembered I had just re-sited the pale green translucent fabric and knew it would be perfect to 'line' the lace. Otherwise, the lace wouldn't be so effective from a distance on the catwalk.

So, now I am getting very excited and chomping at the bit to get the other projects out of the way so I can start!

And coming up, Lilac and Lace will be going to Sandown. (National Quilt Championships) So, if you are going, look out for it!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Red skirt worn

I wore the red moleskin skirt yesterday. Managed to get the Thoughtful Man to take a photo.
Keep in mind that I wore it to church and to make dinner, not too bad.

The lower waist worked, but I need to make the waist more snug (Hurrah!) so I still turned the band over when I was wearing it to make it tight enough not to slip around and let my blouse out!

Wearing it with a white on white embroidered lawn blouse and a purchase 3/4 length sleeve cardigan.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 8-14 May

Week 19 - May 2016




And a new set with gold bugles




Thursday, 12 May 2016


So, the fusing is all finished. I put the ironing board down near the end where I usually have the sewing machine. Then I put it down several notches. And bit by bit I pulled the top across the ironing board and fused the pieces on. Phew!

And now I am working on the layering.
Top and wadding rolled up to lay on this random fabric I brought home from somewhere to use for backing.
Actually, looking at it here, I might use the back, which you can see, as the part that is visible because it is less vibrant. Although people don't see the back and front together, it just feels better to have something that isn't going to fight with the front.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Little windows

16 houses with 13 windows each + 1 door.
Size = 1 1/2in tall and 1in wide.

Fun? Well, it is nearly to the fusing point, so each bit is one step closer.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Red skirts

A while ago I was sewing along with a Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest. Then had to stop and work on textile art things. My wardrobe was based on red, black and white.

Now it is time to begin the finishes as and when I can.
First up, putting hook and bar closure on the waistband of these red skirts! Not hard really.
Why 2 red skirts. One is a bit darker more of a blue red, if you know what I mean. So they will go with different things.

red moleskin A line with flare skirt
dark red corduroy trumpet skirt

I was trying the idea of making the front just a bit shorter, as I always seem to have to fold over the waistband in front to make it even. I do know how to describe this pattern and fitting wise, but this has been a very bad head day.

Sorry for hanger views. With the bad head, I wasn't up to trying to do model shots. When I get one of the blouses done, I will do the skirt and blouse model thing.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 1-7 May

Week 18 - May 2016

Starting a new tassel this month. I used an adaptation of the peyote stitch to build the top part. I am using browns and golds this month.