Sunday, 14 June 2009

Arts Week Exhibition...redraw for give away

Yesterday was the Arts Exhibition for the Reading Arts Week for New Directions community college. The Fabric Painting taster session gained alot of interest, but only 2 ladies stopped long enough to do it. Above is a sample I made while showing some of the techniques. Basically, it is a painted doodle.

There were a lot of other things going on, including a group of ladies (from the knitting course taught by my friend Gabrielle) who were part of an effort to knit a banner for the college! In another room, there were taster sessions on Machine Embroidery and Flower corsage, etc. I hope we have been able to show quite a few people that they should further their learning in some way next year!

Here are the pieces made by the learners who stopped by.

I was really pleased that Gillian stepped outside the box and used a combination of the designs I offered to create a unique graphic design of her own.

Sirini used techniques she has learned on other painting courses. The results are stunning.

The college had also asked for submissions of artwork to be made up into postcards which would be sold in benefit of the Reading Mayor's Charity. I really didn't have time to submit new photos, so suggested that the organisers look at my website. They liked 2 of my pieces, so I sent the photos to them. There were 350 entries and the public voted for favourites. Suprisingly enough, both of my pieces were chosen.

"My Tears in Your Bottle""My Tears in Your Bottle" is a piece which has exhibited several places and "Mimsy Borogroves and Co" is one I was never very happy with, although I do feel I achieved what I set out to do. The postcard actually makes it look very good!! Both of the pieces are in private collections. Click on the titles to read a bit more about the background to the work.

"Mimsy Borogroves and Co"

So, I have picked up a few of the postcards to keep and to pass on to their owners!

GIVE AWAY UPDATE: Due to the fact that two of the winners of the give away did not contact me with addresses, I have redrawn.

The NEW winners are Ferret and Lorchen. If you get back to me with your snail mail addy, I will send off your design.


Trish said...

the word "tastes" for a minute threw me in the description... the doodles you posted are so rich and sweet looking I thought you also did cake decorating! Then I continued on and found it was only paint... but TASTY indeed!

Sandy said...

HA! two countries seperated by one language! A Taster session gives you a taste of what a full course might be like. It is meant to make you want more...just like when you take a little taste in cooking!
Thanks for stopping by!

Lorchen said...

One of Sandy's beautiful motifs has now found a new home. It'll be treasured here and I'm waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be when it's grown up. Thank you very much, Sandy!