Monday, 15 June 2009

In print - interview

About a month ago I had an email from Leigh Mencarini at Reading Evening Post. Someone on her staff had seen my blog and told her about it. So, she asked if she could do an interview! She was interested in the concept of Refashion, Recycle, especially in the current economic climate. So, she rang me up the next day and we chatted a bit about my background in sewing.

We also talked about the ideas behind walking into a charity shop with the mind set to look for things to change to suit your style. I told her you have to think about it like fabric on a, for instance, even if it is not your size or is a man's shirt or whatever, the fabric might be the right thing. We talked about taking features from current fashion and adapting things to suit your age, shape, and especially your own character.

Leigh wanted a few photos of the jeans skirts I had changed, so I sent them off...And volia! Here is the article! It actually came out in their weekend paper Get Reading on the 5th June. There was to be an online link, but there have been changes and it isn't up yet. Since I had all the interesting work from workshops last week, I thought it wouldn't hurt to wait to show you the article. NOTE: the article is up now. Follow this link. GetReading The photos from the hard copy aren't up there, but you can get an idea below. (PS - I have actually lost about a stone in weight since the photo online!)

I was very pleased at how well written the article was. Very true to what I actually said (which was a worry, as sometimes papers twist things). But also Leigh seemed to value the concept and lend credance to the ideas I gave as much as she does when she quotes famous designers or reports on London fashion week. Thanks, Leigh!
So, start thinking. What could you be remaking, refashioning, "upcycling", or whatever you call it? Perhaps you could comment or give a link to something you have done.

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Summerset said...

Congrats! I understand your trepidation of the possible misquoting and/or interpretation.