Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

My husband proudly collected our first beetroots from the garden at the weekend.

I thought I would show you some possibilities of getting inspiration from this sort of photos.

First of all, take several photos. some with and some without flash. I liked this one best for showing the different parts best.

Next I cropped the stems (and saved it as beetroot stems). This would give interesting line designs. If I were to develop it further, I would probably thin some of the stems out to give spaces in the bunch.
Next, I clicked undo for the crop and cropped the roots.(save as beetrootroots!)

One of the other photos wasn't as great, but showed an angle of the left root, with an interesting curl. It was not as great for focus, so I sharpened it. It is actually more in focus at a much smaller size. I still have the original photo, and so if I decided to go an look at this further for the design possibilities, I would save it at a very small size and then go read up how to keep the focus but increase the size.
And then, back to the original of the other photo, I also cropped to show the texture.

So, if I decided to use the beetroot for inspiration, these photos would be a start. (There are more aspects to get inspiration from...the leaves and cutting it open for the colour and pattern inside, and so on.)
I could use one of these photos alone.
Use one or more with ideas gleaned from the others in the resulting work.
I could work with each one seperately influenced by the others) making the pieces of sizes that would work well together and then use the results in a major piece that showcased them all in someway.

How might you use the photos?


Rosalind said...
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Rosalind said...

Oh the first one looks like a shoal of scarey sea creatures with spikey noses doesn't it?

The skin texture further down is fascinating!

PS First message mucked up so deleted it-sorry :o)

Sandy said...

Thanks for commenting Rosalind. I like to hear from new people. Sometimes I wonder if everyone thinks I am mad for being interested in beetroots and the like!
Take care,