Saturday, 29 December 2018

Something on Saturday

For the end of the year...another animal. A  Christmas animal ?

Well it is somewhere !
This Christmas bauble was given to me by my friends from Australia who visited this year.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Something on Saturday

Also at the garden centre - (oops another cow!)

A strange Nativity scene.
These animals are all sorts of proportions. Plus, their heads move around.

Not so bad, but when you look into the manger itself, Mary and Joseph are scarecrows. Hmmm?πŸ˜•
and the camel's movement is stuck, so it looks like he is nodding along to some tune. 'We 3 Kings?'
I made a video with my phone. I hope it shows up here.

If you stay to the end, that is me trying to get my phone to stop recording!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Something on Saturday

just for fun - I promise, I have covered all the cows I own.

These were at the garden centre when we went a few weeks ago!

I didn't buy one, but really if I had extra money, I might have done.

Love it! Love the expression.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Something on Saturday

cow 100!

This is going to be the end of cows! Even if I find more.
I never expected to get past a year. But here we are at 100. Although you know there are more than 100 after seeing the posts from the last few weeks. I just am ready to be done!

I have a big cow quilt made for me by my Mom. She went with blues and pinks...some work better than others.

Here are a few of the cows on the quilt.

Of course, there are more variations.

and this is the label on the back.

The funny story of this is that when I opened the package with the quilt, I could not 'see' the cows. I could 'see' a T shape. I thought, "oh no, she has sent me the quilt meant for my brother Tom. What am I going to do?" 😳
Then I thought to look at the label to see if it was for him and if not, what 'T' would be connected with me?
Oh. Oh! "I love Cows". I turned over and had a better look. Then I saw the pieced cows. The 'T', being the head and horns/ears.
I did feel silly. πŸ˜…But I was glad I hadn't tried to ring her or something!

The Cow quilt.
The photos were taken in the summer when I had the quilt outside to dry from being washed. Some of the cows don't show up on this photo because of the sun, but you can imagine them.

click to enlarge
Maybe you can also imagine how I thought it was a T shape, rather than a cow's head? Especially when I hadn't fully unfolded it?
Thanks (at least) to Irene and LeeAnna for checking in to see the cows and their stories! This also includes those of you who keep quiet about it!πŸ˜πŸ€—
I have another idea for Something on Saturdays. But will start them in the new year. So I probably will do a few random posts.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

I haven’t been of much use for computer stuff lately. Besides very bad back spasms, I also had a lovely visit from my sister! I felt bad that instead of baking together, which is what I wanted to do, she ended up doing the baking on her own.
I love that lady😍!
She bought us a beautiful pot of Christmas plants.

It will be lovely to mix the red ones with the pink ones I already have.
I need to work out what the plant with red berries is.

I also am Very Thankful that my Mom was able to go to visit my sister in Alaska for Thanksgiving. What an adventure for an 80 year old!

To begin with, she was delayed in Maine due to a snowstorm. When she finally got to Philly, things were delayed or she missed her flight anyway. But they put her up in a hotel and gave her a food voucher. Early next morning, instead of going direct to Seattle, they sent her via Chicago, where she got the flight to Seattle.
Meanwhile all of us girls were frantically trying to keep track! She won’t have a mobile! But one sister had booked wheelchair service all the way through. So, we reckoned they would get her from wherever A was to wherever B was! 🀣 and another sister had some sort of app and Mom’s confirmation details. So she was able to know if she got on the next plane. πŸ˜…
So she got to Alaska in the end.

The sister who came here had no problems! Which I am very glad of!
 On a the Thursday, we went to Lady Sew and Sew where I sometimes teach. Somehow my sister is a very good enabler!
The top two are for dresses. The lower ones are going to be useful for my other work. In fact the darker bamboo-look will be just the answer for a problem I was considering about joining the sections of my current work.
But then it came time for Mom to go back. OH😱no! Alaska had 2 Earthquakes and very strong aftershocks! Airports closed. 😲 I guess you have seen the photos. Somehow they managed to get her off without great delay and no major problems on the way back. My sister and her husband stayed overnight in Anchorage rather than go home in the dark with possibilities of Moose or deep crevasses! They were still getting aftershocks and 12 in of snow forecasted!
My Mom will have enough stories about her adventures to keep her going the rest of her life!

I must say that I like living in England very much!!
Okay. I could do without falling when I was trying to get out of bed. Now being covered with bruises! But the Thoughtful Man has been very good on the Thoughtful front. so most days I am asleep on a chair in the lounge, passed out from strong pain killers!

Not so much a post about likes - although there are plenty of those! - but It has been a challenging week!
I am very tired and sore but I really like the way my God has kept all of us safe.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Something on Saturday

cow 99

At one time I had this collection of cow pot holders hanging on my wall. But when we repainted, I washed them and packed them all away. I didn't put them back up, because they had got quite grubby and I didn't want it to happen again.
Still, they have been useful to pad out the bureau drawer were I keep the trifle dishes and Christmas mugs.
Maybe now though, I can begin to use them...and perhaps even let a few of the well worn/stained ones go.

Another cow thing made by my Mom.
This is a half apron with 1/2 towel attached.
I should get it out and use it!