Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Close up of creamy rhododendrons...love the pale pink on the opening bud.

What if question...Do you think elves could use stamens for pins?


jkc said...

Beautiful shot. I'm still working on my macro shots and am awed by how beautiful this is.

Thanks for your lovely comment on Doodle Day because I now have a wonderful blog to follow. I'm a very basic sewer and loved looking at your past posts regarding fabric, etc. Also, thanks for the post about Today's Title Is...I'm going to try and join there also for some photography inspiration.

Sandy said...

I don't do anything special for close shots. I recently found I could push a button on my digital camera that has a flower on it and my close ups look better! LOL not always, but sometimes.

Then when I am getting ready to consider putting them online, the photos are rather large so I go in a crop the bit I like the best and save it as cropped. It is like zooming in, in a way, so it turns out you see more in the photo than you did in real life.

I often still resize. Most things I resize 30%. but if I have already cropped it alot, then I resize about 50%. One reason for the 30%, (besides limiting the chance of taking up too much alotted space on the blog), is that the detail is not as clear on the things I have made. Then, I don't have to worry (as much)about someone copying my work and presenting it as theirs.

Not fussing about getting those sorts of photos right means anyone wanting to use my brain instead of theirs will end up with an inferior product. A bit cynical, perhaps, but it doesn't help their artistic development for me to make it easy for them to copy.

As for the inspirational photos, I take loads of these sorts of photos anyway. I don't actually put inspirational photos up that I already intend to develop a design from. I like to share, and can see potential in most things, so I can use my surplus photos to point out bits that I am happy for others to use.

Maybe a bit more than you wanted to know!

I looked at your blog and I think your photos are great! I know you would fit into Today's Title!
Take care,