Wednesday, 3 June 2009

End of Day Dragon

This is my recent piece for the latest Fast Friday challenge.
Work in a Series: My series is dragons.
Color Concept: Neutrals with accent
Composition Concept: Depth

I have been working with Tsueniko antiquing inks for some projects. They give a muted or neutral effect, so I decided to spray them onto tea-dyed linen. I tore a piece of paper around the same size as my fabric in such a way as to create a landscape background. I used the pieces as masks for the spray. The terracotta came out much stronger than the others. Perhaps because I was working outside and fighting the wind to keep the narrow strip exposed, so probably sprayed closer to the work. I then created a dragon with a different tea-dyed linen cut into shapes and fused together and sprayed it as well. When it dried, I worked into the piece some with metallic crayon, thinking it would give accent. At this point I was disappointed because everything was so neutral, everything all blended together. It was all the same value.

I left it for a bit, but I knew if I didn't keep at it I would get behind. I use these for exercises, so it is mainly about the learning process. Eventually I decided to work into the dragon with Sharpie markers in hopes to make it stand out from the background.

This helped alot, so I started to work into the other areas. It helped me to see how I could thread paint it even further. Thread painting gave more of the value difference I wanted. The concept of neutral still eluded me, but I felt I had begun to get a grip on the scene. The bush/tree in the front is a bit too lolly pop-like, and the river bank really needed to get narrower at the top, but actually knowing what it needs to work is a positive. I don't think at this stage these things could be fixed with this particular piece, but I would know what to do another time.

Because I am also working within the limits of the Contemporary Quilt journal quilt challenge size limits (6in x12in), it really stretches me. I probably might have done better if I started with a random size and could move things around or trim away. So, all in all, I feel I have done fairly well with all the various constraints.

No big stories this time. Just a dragon resting after a long flight at the end of the day.

(Well, if I had a bit more spare brain space at the moment, there would be much more to it, but you know how it is!)

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Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

What are you using to spray the inks with? I like the effect you've achieved with this technique.

Sandy said...

Hi Louise,
The inks come in spray bottles. I got 2 sets from Fiber on a Whim when I was in Houston. they are a bit messy, but worth the bother. I think I would get the crystals after this, but I wanted a selection of colours to start off with.

They are called walnut inks, but there are other colours to walnut...willow, eucalyptus, java, terracota, cherry blossom, cornflower, and lilac.

Hope this helps.