Friday, 30 January 2015

snow patterns

We had a little snow yesterday, and it is gone today.

But I was intrigued by the patterns the roof tiles made.

Different angles, different looks although the same type of tiles. A couple of them remind me of houndstooth check fabric.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Another something fun out my window

There is a cherry tree behind our back fence. It has had random prunings from time to time because of the limbs knocking off tiles from the neighbour's roof. One day I looked out and thought I recognised its current shape without the flowers and leaves.

Don't you think it looks like Woodstock? The bird who is Snoopy's friend.

Especially the cartoon images of him or his other bird friends from when Linus pats them on the head and their fur/feathers are messed up on top.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The thought for this week on the daily bead project was to use bugle beads.
However, in practice I found it wasn't going to work. Or if I did figure out how, it would take a lot more effort than I wanted to spend.
It would work if I had beads exactly the length of the edges of the fabric or exactly 1/2 the length of the edges.

So, I have had a rethink and will re-use some of the previous beads and do them double like I did the tiny beads. I do have some very small cylindrical beads which I might try.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

And a few more flowers in the neighbourhood

The other day I noticed that there were some little white flowers blossoming on one of the shrubs hanging over a fence in our neighbourhood. So, while I am recording what is flowering at the moment, I thought I would get a photo of those too.

I can't quite work out what they are. I know they have had a honeysuckle there in the past, but not that colour. Also they had a winter flowering jasmine, but the flowers for that are a lot smaller. I should have smelled them to get a better clue. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Another type of Bloom

Last year around Remembrance Sunday and the time leading up to Remembrance Day, there was a very moving display of poppies at the Tower of London. You can see several photos at that link.

These were to commemorate the ones who died in World War I. (2014 being the centenary of the beginning of that war.) 888,246 ceramic poppies filled the moat, each one representing a British or colonial death during the conflict. It is made to look like a sea of blood pouring from a window in the Tower. It really put into perspective what that number meant...each one an individual.

There was an option for people to pay for one of the poppies. The money going to help wounded British Soldiers or the families of those who have died in service. So, the Thoughtful Man bought one. We understand that after the poppies were done touring you were to get your poppy back.

I had heard about some others receiving their poppies. But also from one of the volunteers who were 'picking' them and packing them. It was a very careful process, taking the poppy apart and packing the sections.

Well, last week our poppy arrived. I finally had time to take a photograph. It was taken in the evening in the near dark with the flash.

You can see that it has already spent time outdoors. For now it is stuck into a plant pot with a dormant plant. But when the better weather comes, we will have a think of where to put it.

I saw a clip somewhere about the making of these. As I noted above, they are ceramic. So there was a lot of moulding, firing, painting and hoping going on! I can't imagine how it must have been if, after all the work, a firing went wrong. It would be interesting as well to know how much clay was used.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

And the bead keeps going on...18-24 January

Week 3 January 2015

This week a size contrast
little tiny beads - size 15 and big huge beads - sizes 6 and 8







Saturday, 24 January 2015

Something on Saturday

So here is a funny story.
A Certain Young Man had an orange tree brought back with him from uni a few years ago. When he went to live in America for a while, I was tasked with looking after it. (Bring it back to life!)
So, I started feeding it and watering it and it grew and grew.
Then it got a flower and grew a tangerine size orange...which was eaten by A Certain Young Man when he was back visiting last January.

Fast forward. A Certain Young Man returned to live here in August. Around that time there were more flowers. A cluster of them were on the bottom branch. 4 of them set, and the others fell off.
As these grew, they were not really orange shape. But they kept growing past the size of the previous orange. While green, they looked like limes. (sorry, no photo.)
Then they turned yellow. Okay, so let's wait for them to turn orange...and perhaps they will start getting spherical? It looks pretty lemon-like.

So, I took a photo at that point because I thought I would get photos of the stages. Only there weren't any more stages. So, I gave it more water, more food. Put a shiny foil covered board under them to hold them up and help them get more light.

Then the other day I came in and 2 were gone. A swift search showed them under and behind a chair.

I put them in the kitchen with some apples to help them get ripe. and suggested a Certain Young Man should try one. Because if they fell off, they must be ripe.

Certain Young Man comes into my studio. Do I want to try this?

WooHoo! That is sharp! That is a lemon! (Well, it was trying to tell us it was a lemon all this time!)
one of the lemons
So, we had an investigation and came to the conclusion that there was a bit of a bump above the lemon branch in the main stem of the tree. And so we actually have a lemon/orange tree! Or orange grafted onto lemon tree.

Friday, 23 January 2015

More flowers in January

Several Polyanthus flowers bravely showing their faces.

I love England...Spring gives hints beginning at Christmas! We even have tulip leaves up about 5 inches! So, now that it is cold this week, they will just bide their time. But they still give hope of better warmer days.

Where I grew up, you didn't even see them til about Easter if you were lucky or if it was late.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Blooming in January

Last week I discovered the heather was in bloom! I haven't checked to see if it is liking this cold snap.

And in the front garden...
I love cyclamen. It was the first flower my husband gave me.

I think they are amazing how they are at first all twisted and pointing down right up to when they are ready to open. and then within a matter of minutes the petals fling back and reveal the 'centre' at the bottom.

Here is a borrowed time lapse video.

Isn't it amazing!!

The leaves are a wonderful heart shape.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday Wonders

Near the beginning of the year, I spotted an interesting dress on the weather lady on Sunday evening. Eventually I had to pause the TV and get the camera.

I'm thinking black fabric discharged in some way...


Dolman Sleeve

design carries round hip to back

design carries over shoulder to back

Do they look like birds to you?
Or are they just random and I am using my overactive imagination?

I never did hear what the weather was going to be!

Apologies to the weather lady, I didn't catch your name...just your dress and a few of your theatrical weather faces.