Saturday, 25 October 2014

And the last one for now

I just got photos of this last blouse today. It is a paisley print in turquoise. I have used some other colourways for some of the Ramshackle houses, but this turquoise wanted to be a blouse.

When I was sewing up these blouses, I found I really didn't have many white buttons. I had some shirt buttons that were white on the back, which I thought to use for this blouse, but there weren't any buttons which worked for the coral print with white contrast. So, I used the white at the back buttons for it...with the white showing.

Instead, I put some translucent buttons on this blouse. They were fine really, but I wanted the bit of white for interest. So, when I bought the bags of buttons at the Knitting and Stitching show, one reason for picking up the white ones was to use the small ones for this. When I opened the bag, though, I realised it wasn't some patterned and some white, but all were patterned.

So, as I had bought 2 packs, I decided there were plenty for whatever I might do with them and that I could use some of these upside down as well. The above shows a few upside down.
Here is a photo in the midst of the change over to white. I just like the bright spark they give. You can see them in the photo of the blouse being worn.

Can you tell what my favourite colour is after this recent bout of garment sewing? I had to buy more Gutterman 736 after this!

While I was taking more photos, I took a photo of the red spot fabric in front of the light. I wanted to show you what I meant the other day about the spots being acid etched or something.

Spotted fabrics - thinner at the spots. the other two colours were also that way.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

and more blouses

These three sleeveless blouses are made up the same. When I was making them, I mentioned that they will replace 3 Ready-to-Wear blouses that have been favourites and have become a bit worn and faded. I found the spotted fabric last September at Remnant House in Harrogate.
The spots are interesting as they are actually thinner than the surrounding they have been etched with some solution.

I did consider cap sleeves, but when I bought the fabric I was thinking of a sleeveless blouse. Perhaps if the fabric was wider there might have been enough.
I think if I make more sleeveless blouses, I will adjust the front armscye a bit for more bra coverage security. Not too bad really, but I will probably wear a black bra with these instead of white which tends to draw more attention if it is showing.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On to the blouses

This blouse I love! I have had the fabric for a Very Long time. Okay, not as long as the blue batik print. I just went to look for photos I took at the exhibition where I bought the fabric. It was March 2009! It has a pink and greyish blue coral print.

I really liked what I did with the recent stripe blouse with white contrast collar, cuffs and button stand. So I thought I would do it with this fabric as well. It gives a crisp look to a fabric that might over whelm.

I didn't have enough for long sleeves, but I was focussing on warm weather blouses anyway. So, I made up an interestingly shaped cuff for the short sleeves. Can you see that it has an angled edge like the collar? Both ends of the cuff are pointed the same. I stitched 2 matching buttons on either side of the cuff ends rather than overlapping them. It makes them stand out. Okay, a bit of a lump when worn under a cardy, but if someone wants to know about it, I can take said cardy off and show off the cuff design!

I really like it! (Oh, yeah. I said that.) I wore it on Sunday since the October temps have been a bit warmer than they usually are. I usually tuck blouses in with a skirt, but left it out for the photo to show the length.
It has quite a bit of ease, like yesterday's dress, but as a blouse that works. It will make it a bit cooler to wear in the summer with jeans and blouses nicely at the waist when worn with a skirt.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

and then another dress

This was a princess line dress using the pattern I drafted for this dress some time ago. I made it up for the Fabric Stash contest, but ran out of energy to do the buttons/buttonholes. It was complete soon after though.

I wanted something with a similar fun look. I thought I would improve things, so cut it with a bit more ease. However, it feels a bit too big! (Looking for a 3 bears dress?) But being princess line rather than a sheath dress, there are options for taking it in a bit more at the seam lines...which is where I had cut it larger in the first place.

The other thing I am not happy about is the length. (are we picky or what?!) I will have to see what it is like when I am sitting in it. The dress I linked to above is just a wee bit too short when I sit, so I lengthened this one. But I also added a little more flare to this one as well, so I think that might take care of the problem of riding up when I sit.

Still it is a fun dress, and after I take a couple inches off, it will probably become a favourite as well.

Monday, 20 October 2014

And finally garment photos

The huge bruise from the blood test nearly 3 weeks ago has just about disappeared, so I have managed to get some photos.

This is the blue batik print that I was able to complete to add to the numbers for the Fabric Stash contest.

It is slightly too snug, so I am going to let out the darts a bit. But the camera picks up more wrinkles than you actually see when you look in the mirror.
I think it was hanging up on my slip.
I do love the look and feel of it on, though!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 12-18 October

2014 - Week 42 Daily Beads








Saturday, 18 October 2014

October Journal quilt finished

And it is still October!
This is a continuation of the Around Britain theme of pieces which will eventually go to my son.

Brick Tudor - Developed from a photo I took of one of the buildings in the Windsor Castle environs.

As mentioned the other day, there was a bit of careful cutting and fusing. The windows were drawn on the brick coloured fabric using a grey Triplus Fineliner and a white Gelly Roll pen by Sakura.

The brick sets were machine stitched using an olive thread. I didn't stitch the actual bricks in the sets as I thought it would make it too busy. I did mark the set lines first with pencil to keep the angle right. I appreciated the work done by the builders to use the brick sets en point. It makes a fascinating contrast to the half-timbering.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

October journal quilt

Delicate cutting and careful fusing...
and now to the machine.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

working on October journal

head down and getting things done...

inspiration - this photo I took a few years ago in the environs of Windsor Castle

Also getting the TVCT newsletter out in plenty of time for a change!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

September Journal Quilt

Yesterday I was able to get back to the letter journal quilt I started the other day.

I am calling it S is for Snowdrop. The snowdrop is special to us because it is similar to our surname. I had a snowdrop brooch my MIL gave me one time but I haven't seen it for ages. I have a feeling it came off of my coat one time several years ago.

I was quite surprised at how easy it was to thread paint the flower on the metallic. But possibly it didn't shred because I had fused the silver fabric to another fabric. The difficult thing was that the slight puckering doesn't press out well. Of course the camera picks shows them up a lot more than is visible when you look at it in person.

I used felt again for the wadding. I do like the weight and feel of it, but this acrylic craft felt is a bit hard on needles because it sort of goes 'punch, punch'.

It is not so easy to see, but I stitched white translucent beads onto the middle portion of the S using a light green thread. It helps to bring the colours of the flower over to the Blue letter.