Thursday, 17 April 2014

more in East Yorkshire

While we were on holiday we stopped in one of the little towns near the sea*. Someplace my husband's mother had been and was asking about. So, I sat in the car (having used up all the energy on the beach) while my husband and the dog checked it out for her. Apparently something they remember existing at some point in the past is no longer there. So, reporting and discussion ensued.

Ahead of me was one of the beacons.

I love the history and cleverness of having a basket shape on a pole so warnings could be passed quickly from one place to the other. Especially as in this case for coastal defence.

I love the shape, too. Perhaps I will print one of these out to blue tac to one of the cupboards in my studio until it finds its way into another work.

Also whilst out and about, there were sightings of several mysterious cream phone boxes.
This one was in Beverley.

My husband says the red ones are owned by BT (British Telecom). In this area they are owned by the Kingston Communication area from its base in Hull and this is England's only independent telephone service.

You may recall I posted photos of yellow phone boxes on Guernsey when we had gone there for our 25th wedding anniversary.

This gadget was also sighted in Beverley.
I think I may have seen one of these before, but I really haven't a clue what it is. Any ideas?


*I am sorry I have forgotten the name of the town. One of the hardest things to cope with for this fibromyalgia is that when you have used up your energy, you generally have a terribly muddled memory. I hate it, but if people are willing to wait for me to rummage round in my head for the word - it is in there, just takes a while to find it. But in cases like this, I am not willing to use up more energy to try to find it. This week energy is needed for other things.
Yes I could look on the map, but oh well, it was a little town by the sea. No big deal.
Perhaps the best plan would just be to go to bed now, wouldn't it? And so I shall.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April Journal Quilt - QE II

March's journal quilt is being hand stitched in front of cooking shows in the evening...nearly done.

But here is April's Journal quilt. I am still doing pieces with a British theme. Eventually they will go to my son where ever he decides to settle.

So for this I took photos of a stamp and a £5 note. Then enlarged the image, printed it out and traced it onto fabric using the light box.

The next step was to sketch in the shading and so on with a pencil on the fabric. And then sketch further with thread on the machine.
I chose a few built in patterns on my machine to add elements to the quilt which made reference to the money.

She looks a bit older than on the £5 note. It was a bit difficult to do the shading without it looking like a 5 o'clock shadow! On the money, there is crosshatching in an arc across the whole face, but I didn't want to do that.

But my husband says it looks like her...which is what counts if it will eventually be hung on a wall somewhere.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

a bit of fun at the seaside

Whilst I am working on a couple things...

more seaside photos to give you a smile.

Digging for crab legs.
'Yum! If you follow this scent, you discover something to munch.'

I am sure she must have had at least a whole crab's worth of the little legs she found. She did find a big claw, but by that time was being more easily persuaded not to eat them.

Holly discovers the sea.
'Oops! It's coming after me!'

She had never been to the sea, but loves to run through water when my husband takes her on long walks. This was unexpected, that the water would attack.

Later she got to run through the water like she wanted with this bit of sea that was separated by a sandbar.

There were several WWII bunker ruins.
'Catch me if you can!'

This ruin could be entered at one side and was like a maze where you came out in a totally different place. She loved it. My husband was trying to get her to come, which she is usually good at. She kept going in the one door, through the bit we couldn't get into and out the other side. Then she would race round under this bit and do it all over again!

So fun to have a dog to enjoy your holiday with again.

And I think after last week, I am now on her list of people who count. Today she came and sat by my chair in here because someone was drilling and hammering in next door's garden and she wasn't quite sure about it. (Up til now, she has mostly ignored me during the day...and tolerated me patting her as I went past doing things.)

I should have some work to show tomorrow!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Last week at the seaside - inspiration

East Yorkshire

Galloping horse and pony
after about 2 of these runs back and forth, Holly thought it must be something she should do as well... she wouldn't be chasing them, would she? So we had to put her on the lead til they were done.

natural squiggles

toast-look rock
or perhaps a brick from the erosion in the storm surges here in early December. It was a bit too big for me to lug up and down the beach in my rucksack.

The whole width of the paved road/track which travelled along the land above the beach and some ground between it and the edge it was lost. They have had to make a new track with gravel to give access for some of the things further along. A good deal of the car park was gone, too. I didn't think to get photos, but they wouldn't have really made sense unless you had a before photo.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 6-12 April

2014 - remainder of Week 15 Daily Beads








Blue being my favourite colour, I have been able to come up with 30 different blue-ish edge beads for the well as the constants which make up the 'stacks and bridges'.

Yes...good thing beads don't take as much space as fabric?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Something on Saturday

Most of this last week we have been in Yorkshire. Visiting family and having a little break.

Holly is quite well behaved (unless she sees a cat - then she forgets every thing she has learned). So, we took her in to see my husband's mother who is in a home. We had our lunch in Mum's room instead of the dining room like usual, as we weren't sure how Holly would do. It took her a little while to get used to various bells and decorators with ladders painting the ceiling in the hall (!) But soon, she ignored it all as if it weren't there. (Sort of like she does me when my husband is at work! LOL)

This was just before we left.
Okay - looking at 'dad' to be sure this was alright.

On the way out, one of the ladies in the lounge room spotted her, so I took her in to say hello. She was sooo tender in getting next to the fragile ladies so as not to scare them. It was quite precious. But the lady who was more vibrant got the wiggle-delight response to her greeting which in turn delighted the lady. Even one 'new' lady who seems (from Mum's point of view) to be finding the change too much (understatement), got a little lick on her arm which she was quite pleased about.

These origami towel dogs greeted us when we got to the self-catering cottage. A great place to stay in Beeford. Very welcoming to dogs and so many little extras - including a home made loaf of bread, cheese thin biscuits for the dog, some cake and then more cake and biscuits when we left!

We were their third customers as they have just opened this season. So, if you want a place to go - nearish the sea and not too far from York where they love dogs. Get on the list quick before everyone else finds out about them. Ashlea Studio

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Contemporary Quilt Journal Quilts 2013

The main reason I was at the ExCel last week was to help steward the Contemporary Quilt 2013 Journal Quilt Exhibition. It is a wonderful way to encourage people to get interested and have a go with textiles.

One of the letters I had sent in for making new banners has been used on this new horizontal banner.
They are still in the process of making a vertical one and doing a few other things. So, perhaps some of the others may show up.

Here is my 'Y'.

And I think this is all of the quilts. I may have got the order mixed. People were invited to send 2 out of their 2013 journals. I did offer, but somehow the email got lost. No worries though because 2 of them got an outing somewhere (Exeter?) last year.
Again apologies for photo quality. I think I still had it on burst and the quilts had very strong lights directed on them. I better check my camera is back to normal!

---And AH HA! I think I have worked out a trick to get photos to sit next to one another by messing about in the html!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

ICHF Creative Stitches Fashion Show

One of the highlights of the shows put on by ICHF is the Fashion Show. I used to go up to their exhibition at the NEC in March, but haven't been able to for a while. So, this was a good treat. I was meant to be stewarding, but my colleague encouraged me to go have a look.

Apologies in advance for photo quality. It is never easy to catch models on a catwalk because you can't always work out what they will do next. Eventually I worked out how to get the burst setting on my camera, but some of these girls let their nerves move them almost too quick to see the garments!

In order not to overload this post, I have put some of the collections together in one image. I also didn't catch all the makers of the work.
Young designer collection

Inkberrow student collection

felted collection

A student collection

They also had items from some of the vendors.

Accessories - I didn't catch the vendor's name.

Sew LaDiDa Vintage- It was good to see these on a person. I spoke to the pattern designer at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. The styles are based on the eras when curvy ladies were the norm. You can see that even though she drafts for the modern figure, they do suit curvy girls better.

A collection by Ruth Brown who does all the wonderful surface design like cyanotype, etc. These garment showcase her fabrics.

These were presented as Rugs you could wear...they had a storyline about taking them along to a sleepover and you'd be all set! They were about extreme textiles...the vendor sells HUGE knitting needles and so on!

There was also a collection showcasing fabric from the Rosenburg's stand, but I didn't do well with trying to catch photos of them.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Giant Textile Books

The dragon I showed you yesterday was part of the display for The Giant Textile Books exhibition. This was the current project from Alison and Ann Murray.

Previously they have had a 30ft high knitted Christmas Tree and a life sized Knitted Gingerbread House. Originally the projects were to inspire people to knit, but this time they expanded it to include any textile craft. The subjects this time were Myths and Mythology

The dragon from yesterday was standing in the Cover of this book.

and the Seasons. This was the Cover.





This exhibition was to collect for the Great Ormond Hospital and for Craft Aid UK. Details of all the projects, including videos can be found at their website. They have some patterns on their site as well. (I don't knit, but I know some of you do!)