Wednesday, 24 August 2016

another finish - Bridesmaid gown

The pink bridesmaid gown was finished and delivered on Monday. I put in bra strap stays at the edge of the bodice to keep it in place over the bra.
They took longer than the hems!4 bra strap stays with one part of a popper on either end and the other part on the gown. So, basically 16 times sewing the bits!

I had just enough of the transparent poppers...they were in a load of things from someone's mother's sewing supplies when they went into a home.
I think I will look for more, just in case.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

And TVCT again!

For the 3rd year in a row, someone from our TVCT group won the Quilts Creation section!
in 2014 it was Kate Crossley with her working quilted Grandfather clock.
in 2015 it was Mavis Walker with her chess set of quilted dolls.
and in 2016 it is Jane Bonney with her cope inspired by the finding of the bones of Richard III.

All That Remains
I claim some responsibility because I told her she had to enter!

But now we will have a gap in our exhibition at Bristol in November... But for good reason as it will travel with other winners to Ally Pally, Harrogate and Dublin. Another member Sandra Newton won the miniatures, but I couldn't get close enough to get a photo! You can see a photo of her piece and of all the winners on the Festival of Quilts site.
Kate Crossley got a 3rd place in the Quilts Creations, too. I didn't have enough time this year to see much other work and if it was our group or not.

I also introduced Jane to Wendy Gardiner who runs the fashion show, suggesting she enter the cope. So that was another chance for people to see her work!
The cope will be back for the exhibition when we go to Excel next spring.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Golden Grace in the Fashion Show

I really enjoyed the Fashion show this year at the Festival of Quilts. Besides the fact that they did a very good job and that the models knew how to show off the garments properly (from a different place). I had my friend Helen Cowens there as my guest. How lovely to look at the clothing with someone who also sews/drafts/designs herself. and how fun to look over at each other on certain things and find that we were both thinking the same thing! so then elbowing and laughter.
I don't see Helen often as she lives in the North of England/nearly Scotland. But I hope she enters next year. Her gowns are lovely.

It was special to see my gown up there.
I just got one photo of the front

and one of the back.

I did get pearls and beads on, but these photos are zoomed in a great deal, so they aren't showing so well. More and better completed photos to come.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 7-13 and 14-20 August

Week 32 - Aug 2016








Week 33 - Aug 2016








Saturday, 20 August 2016

Back to the blog

In the meanwhile, I have been 2 days at Festival of Quilts. At the wedding. Getting over the headache which was part of all that and watching Olympics.
Starting on the bridesmaid dress -sister of the 1st wedding dress I did.

Interesting comparison for lacing up the back.

Lacing on the wedding dress from last weekend made of interlined satin.

Lacing on the bridesmaid dress made of chiffon - not interlined.

Yes. Hmm.

So, I adjusted the folds onto the loops for the lower part of the lacing, found out she could still get in and out wit the lace loosened from this above this point
...and then as part of the other adjustments, I tacked the lace to the loops for the last few. Oh, and stitched up the gap below the lacing as it looked like an unfortunate ripped seam when she had it on.
No, I didn't have to, but I was watching Olympics anyway. What the rest will look like will depend on who is lacing it up. But I won't be at that wedding.

More lovely photos of the dress (well, Bride and Groom) from the wedding last week.
She was beautiful.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 1-6 August

Week 31 - July/Aug 2016

Keeping with the red beads for this month's beaded fabric squares.







Saturday, 6 August 2016

Something on Saturday - Golden Grace

The gown is finished! Well, it already was, but now it has pearls.

Now, I have a few days to relax, not worrying about finishing things off in the poor light of a hotel room.
but, I can also add a few more extras here and there because I want to and not because I have to.

Friday, 5 August 2016


I am putting out a tentative foot for doing a bit of teaching again.

On 28th September I am teaching a workshop at the National Needlework Archive. It is called Build a Fabric. The exhibition of the work made for Contemporary Quilt with the Kazakhstan challenge fabrics - now called '1001 Nights - Textile experiments with Kazakhstan fabrics' - will be on display. So my workshop will be about making the fabric like I did for making the Collared Dragon. Workshops at the National Needlework Archive are found here.
The Collared Dragon
And then next March, I will have a solo show at Lady Sew and Sew in Henley. Mostly about my gowns, but also textile art. I used the same technique in the Midnight Dance by Moonlight ensemble.
So, I am teaching Build a Fabric workshop at the Henley shop on 21 March. And then also a workshop on 22 March about making your own Ramshackle Houses.
You can see other workshops listed for Lady Sew and Sew here. Mine are currently on page 2.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

lace trim

Yesterday, hemmed the under layer after hours of trying to get the overlocker set to the 3 thread narrow setting. Actually, this one didn't really need it, but it was easier to trim and overlock at once. Then turned for a narrow hem.

Today stitching the lace trim in the new position and trimming away the excess lace behind.
Then we will be done.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Being as rainy as it has been, I remembered that I didn't get to show you much of our holiday in Switzerland. Rainy, because that is what the weather was like when we were there!
One day we took a coach trip. Glad that we were not out in the weather!

At one point we crossed the Rhine into Liechtenstein! It is said to be the last remaining outpost of the Holy Roman Empire. It is not a place you hear much about.

We had a quick visit in Valduz. I even got my passport stamped for 3 Swiss franks.

Above the city is Valduz Castle, where the Liechtenstein royal family live.
a model of the castle near the steps up to the town.
The Prince of Liechtenstein is known for his art collection. We saw many fascinating sculptures in the short time we had to look around.

Even in the café seating!
In the shops there were as many souvenirs relating to Switzerland as there was Liechtenstein.
And while we were there, the Swiss were playing in the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Much cheering! I understand a Liechtenstein team plays in the Swiss league.

And back on the coach as it began to rain again.

So there, you know something new!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

And the bead keeps going on and on... 24-31 July

Very, Very late posting, though I had them done and photographed.
Week 30 - July 2016



change to the silver accent bead





the trial tassel I made at the beginning of July becomes the last day of July.

All of July's tassels