Monday, 29 April 2019

Stitch on it - 31

Bonnet Stitch

Stitch on paper- This stitch was easy to work and to get into a rhythm. I might see if it looks different  in a straight line.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 21-27 April

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.

I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.
Completed the third row encircling the set of Nine squares.*

Day 117...9,360 people have been noted. Just over 1/3 of the way.

*You May have noticed that there are a few needles here and there throughout the beading. This is because (which I now try to do differently) some of the places where I had to start a new thread have had the knots come undone!😱 It seems this thread allows the knots to slip open. SO...I have already rethreaded lost beads for some, and now there are a few more. I have learned to take a few stitches in one place when I start. They get covered by the sequins and the knot is more secure.
You should see me on  my knees looking 👀 for lost beads! Yes, I have plenty to replace them, but somehow there is a bit of honour involved!😅
Don’t let it get the upper hand. 😉

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 17

I love this little glass dish.
It was a wedding gift from my textiles/Home Ec teacher.
The story is this. When I was in high school, the Home Ec teacher was quite strict. Other girls didn’t like her at all. However, somehow she saw I had some talent and she really encouraged me. I took extra classes with her ( because I was made fun of in study hall, so took lots of extra classes to avoid it), and so had more time to sew! And more time to learn.
There was a lovely wool twill that had been donated to the school. She knew we didn’t have much money for extras, but wanted me to learn to work with more than cotton. So, she gave it to me! I made a straight skirt and a waistcoat with collars and welt pockets. Another outfit used the same pattern but the waistcoat was a mauve gabardine with contrast flowery fabric. The skirt was of the flowery cotton. I made another a-line skirt from the gabardine. She was impressed with the way I made my own take on the pattern.

Anyway. When I married about 10 years later, I invited her. She could not come, but sent this little glass bowl. 😊

Friday, 26 April 2019

Dragon spotting

While they were plastering the other day, I went to my friend Gabrielle's for lunch. We had a lovely tomato and veg soup!!
It was so nice out that we sat in the garden and stitched. I was stitching down bindings and Gabrielle was knitting.
And that's when I spotted the dragon. Cool! I think he is a very wild dragon.

Hard to take a photo when you can't see what you are looking at. My phone screen was very dark, so I couldn't tell if I got him in focus.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

I like Thankful Thursday

This post is of very glad things! My studio is coming back together. Slowly. But I am liking the opportunity to rethink workflow dynamics. (or something like that!!)

Yesterday I got most of the debris back to its place.
The cupboards I used to hang work on, now are to the right as you come in, rather than straight ahead. I have the sweetie jars and whatnot up on the top. One of the cupboards is now upstairs, but just now holding books that I will put on the shelf. But it will hold some of the fabric that I don't work with often...a few more containers moved to give space.
Oh, and the computer desk is not wedged in the corner. Somehow it feels bigger! And it is lighter since I don't get the glare when I open the blinds.

The big cupboard is now straight ahead. Kind of scary to see the mess reflected back to you! Maybe it will help me keep the table clear! And sort the top of the cabinet...  The sewing machine is waiting for a clear out on the other end of the table. But I can access it at the moment if I need to.
gowns and C+G work on top
The Thoughtful Man has moved my gowns and other random things back down. Look how straight and organised the gowns are!
That's because he has helped me work out a better plan for some of the packaging I keep for sending work off. They will be fine in the garage and I won't have them crammed in the bottom in between gowns etc!
garments needing work and my art quilts on top/bottom
And then this side has garments I want to upcyle or alter. So much better than mostly boxes ready to fall out when you open the door! and as the side these were in was not easy to access, I was not inclined to work on them! I will cull some for charity (where I got them!) and try to redeem some of the others.

So, you have to wait for the rest! I am aching already from all the moving of things yesterday. But the Thoughtful Man carried all the gowns, quilts, etc down from the guest room.
Oh, and did you notice that 2 dummies can hide beside the lift? !! And one with the dress I need to finish is behind the door near the computer.

For more Of what people like this week, the link is on LeeAnna’s blog.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Ready steady go!

Yesterday  the ceiling was plastered where they took out the asbestos. Still drying.
It was actually about half of that section, but the blendedit with the rest covering all of that side.

Now to get everything put back so I can get back to work. I expect I will probably cull a lot of things! The cupboards and wardrobe have swapped places. That way I can access the cupboards easier. I use the wardrobe more like storage ,so it can be behind the cutting table where access is a bit more difficult.
AND I can bring my gowns back downstairs via the lift😁! No tripping on the stairway!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 14-20 April

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.

I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.
Halfway done with the third row encircling the set of Nine squares.

Day 110...8,800 people have been noted. Just over 1/3 of the way.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 16

I love the calmness of this little framed stone by Sally MacCabe.
To me this was basically a framed stone. Which I love.
But then I thought I would get a link to Sally MacCabe's work, and I have discovered so much more! Including the reason why my little framed stone seems so light weight...
There is one similar to it under a workshop called Treasure Boxes! I don't know how long I have had this and I didn't know it was a little box! Now I will have to look for a treasure to go inside. Maybe a little feather of some sort.
How very exciting!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Thankful Thursday on Friday

What fun!

I found a choir when I was making salad the other day!

I wonder what they are singing?

For more Of what people like this week, the link is on LeeAnna’s blog.

I started this post, but wasn’t able to get back to it.
Today is a special day. A Thankful day. We are recently back from a service to remember God’ Love through Jesus on the cross. Looking forward to Sunday to remember He is alive.
As I read somewhere: It isn’t about the bunny but it is about the Lamb.
Not sure what you have for a belief, but this is very important to me a a big part of my life.

I like these reminders of new life all around.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Back to Ramshackle Ideas - 23

Light on the mountains. I will give it a press, 
but I am not going to add more stitch because it is mountains after all 
and I don't want to flatten them.

When I started having all the back spasms and eye problems last Autumn, I was working on a Ramshackle piece about refugees and displaced people. Now that I have caught up with other things, I have started back to work at it. Now all the pieces have had threads snipped, edges trimmed and squared up and the binding ready to apply.

I was closer to finishing than I realised. So, perhaps I can get it done by the end of this Bank Holiday weekend.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 7 - 13 April

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.
I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.

In real life, it sparkles and twinkles from the little sequins.

Day 103...8,240 people have been noted. Just over 1/3 of the way.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 15

A lovely beaded bowl given to me from my friend in Zimbabwe.

I use it for my bead packets from which I decanted beads I am currently working with.

I keep thinking I will learn how to make one like it!

Praying for people in parts of  Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi that were affected by the cyclone. Crops washed away that were nearing harvest. Homes made of mud bricks dissolved and stick houses washed away. Now a cholera epidemic on top of all the loss.
This will be a long situation for clearing and rebuilding.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Thankful Thursday

oops this one nearly slipped past me. I have been trying to get some order to my studio. However, I have to wait til the ceiling where they took the plasterboard is replastered at the end of the month.
Holly waiting for something interesting to happen in the kitchen.
I just was out with Holly, which is a bit of a circus when she goes from the right to the left and gets tangled round the walker...and will not reverse. She doesn't like reversing if she has decided she has to smell something.
Anyway, I tied her to the metal fence near the shops while I picked up my subscription at the chemist. Like I have done all these years we've had her. Mind you I don't do it often because of the circus stuff I mentioned above! It is Easter holidays, so 2 boys came by with scooters as I came out of the shops. She wasn't too sure when they started coming to her because she wasn't to sure about the noise of the scooters. As I was getting there, I asked if they wanted to pet her. I was about to say to rest their scooters and come to her on their own so she wouldn't be afraid.
I had seen a police car come into the shopping car park, but thought they were just doing rounds. Next thing I know, they walked up behind me and said. "Whose dog is this?" 
'Mine!' I said. Oh. (I never did work out why they thought there was a problem.) I asked if it was alright to tie her there. (my husband ties her right in front of the grocery shop) They said it was ok. Still they seemed like they had expected something strange was going on
Anyway, they went away and the boys got to pet Holly. I don't know what that was about!
Holly back home and back to her important day job.

So, how was that an I like? Before we had gone to the shops, we went to the library. I wanted to pick up the rest of a series by Edward Marston from the local library. I got onto a different author for a bit, because I had to request these as they were held in other libraries around Bracknell. So, I am looking forward to reading them. This series is all about the Railway Detective.

That will have to be enough for today, as I need to go make dinner. We are having friends come for a meeting later this evening.

Go check out LeeAnna's blog!

Monday, 8 April 2019

Stitch on it - 30

Oyster stitch -
Stitch on paper. This one took some time to get the rhythm, but once I did, it was easy to work without having to think too much.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 31 March - 6 April

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.
This work become “pretty”, but the reason for remembering these people is anything but!
I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.
Working a different arrangement made up of rows encircling the set of nine squares. Day 96...7,680 people have been noted.

The first round is completed and the second round has one side finished. It is the row at the bottom of the image. Depending how it looks, I may do 8 or 9 rows. Or maybe 4?

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 14

This is a bangle given to me from a friend who works in Ethiopia.

I am not really a bangle person, and especially blingy. But this is a very special friend. So I wear it at Christmas.

Friday, 5 April 2019

And the answer ...

Hurrah! My transportation device has arrived!!!

Beam me up!
Hope you can see the video!

My studio, though, has been turned inside out. The Thoughtful Man had to take things out of cupboards to move them! 😱 My machine is on a wee table in the corner of the dining room. and...I did finish the Stretching Art piece this week. Off in the post today!

The blue boxes in yesterday's post were the biohazard arrangements for removing asbestos. Apparently the boss of the asbestos team (sublet by the lift team) came out for this job with the others as it was high grade worry type of asbestos!!! They only removed what was needed for doing the lift. We have to get a plasterer in now to do plaster the wallboard. As it so turns out, the top recommendation in the Checka Trade list is our new neighbour at no.22! So he is coming to look tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

I like Thankful Thursday this works! LeeAnna’s blog. This link will Not go on the bottom. The phone thinks the bottom of the post is missing. Grrr

This week is pretty full. I am going to post some photos that are a bit of a tease. See if you can guess!
It is going to be pretty wonderful!

Due to all this, I am posting from my phone, which has a mind of its own! 🤨Trying to add the link to LeeAnna’s blog. Which is not cooperating 😖

Monday, 1 April 2019

Stitch on it 29

Basque Stitch -

Stitch on paper. This actually was not too difficult, I had never tried it before.