Friday, 31 May 2019

I like Thankful Thursday

This week I like the lush flowers and plants in the garden...
This was nearly ready to post yesterday, but I was on a deadline. So it has to be today.

So excited about the little seed 'helicopters' growing on the acer by the back fence.

They are so cute! Like little bright red flowers.

I thought I better take a photo of my husband's hosta before the slugs decimate it.

and the lovely red roses on our climbing rose,

AND ...
Do you remember they mystery plant by the back door?

Well it is doing the beanstalk thing again. But the cool thing is that my friend was here and used an app on her phone about identifying plants. It is a Plume Poppy!! Well, I must say I tried to find out sometime ago and did come up with that name, but really couldn't believe it. It bears no resemblance to any poppy I have ever seen!

finally, a few detail shots of the twirls on our neighbour's passion fruit,
A bit like the phone cords we used to have in the 'old' days.

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Sister Artists - Mali embroidery project

The other day I was following links, as you do, and came across a charity that is helping women to learn skills after suffering Gender Based Violence from the conflict in northern Mali. It is called Quilt For Change.

This project is Sister Artists. Together with The Advocacy Project and their Advocacy Quilts, people can volunteer to have one of the embroideries sent to you. Then you work with it to make it into an art quilt that showcases the embroidery. They partner with Sini Sanuman (“Healthy Tomorrow’), a leading Malian advocate for women’s rights.
The art quilt is then sent back to be auctioned off. The money is fed back into the programme adding to the micro-enterprise, Sini Brodage, where the women are learning sewing and tailoring skills.

I would love to take part and help them. I inquired, and was reassured that although it says American quilters, they would be happy for people from other places to take part.
So, you choose the embroidery you want to work with. At first, I thought, 'Oh no! they are not going to manage this before August!' If you scroll down on the Sister Artist page on the Advocacy Project website, you see the embroideries. It looks like there are not very many that have been chosen. So, I decided to go for it. I love that kind of thing!

But when it came to making my choice, I realised there are only a few left. Some of those taking part have not sent in their photos. Anyway...I still want to do it.

This is the embroidery I chose.
Hunting with husband in the field

So, now to be thinking while I wait for it to arrive. 😁

It is a Bank Holiday in America today, too. So, the earliest it can go out is tomorrow.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Bead on - 24,000- up to 25 May

last week I didn’t post, so I did halfway through the week. This photo, now, is up to date. So, just calling it “up to 25  May”.

Day 145 - 11,600 people noted.

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.

I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.
Starting the 6th row around the set of nine squares.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 21

I love this vase my husband gave me.

Works good for daisies that little boys rescue from the lawn mower. 😉

Thursday, 23 May 2019

I Like Thankful Thursday

Last week as I said, was a bit busy. I sorted out the rest of the rubble of my stuff moved because of putting in the lift. And of course, did too much. This week the body says, REST, please.
This new little blue stool was very helpful!
However! I did get the pattern cut and sewn to check what changes I might have to make to use it again.
So, I like that with a bit of remnant that someone didn't want, I have a 'wearable toile'! Which means it is near enough in fit, so that if I finish it off I can wear it. and the few changes are simple enough to go ahead with making it up in fabric I have been saving.
Yes, I could do the same with my bodice block which I already know fits me. But I wanted a refresher about patterns because I was to help my friend with some of her pattern fitting issues.
The main change? I wanted to try a square neck. But this one is a bit too wide. So I will adjust that on the pattern next time.
The back could do with a bit of help in the lower back, but it is good enough for some summer tops. now to hem it and bind the armhole.

I love my baby iron! This lovely little present I showed you early in the year, was brilliant for pressing the seams open without getting the ironing board out.

and also last week my sister sent me some photos of my Mom. Good to see she is doing well! Mom is in her 80's. She had a lovely adventure for Mother's Day weekend.
She flew from Maine to my sister's in New York. From there they drove to Detroit area to my nephew's place. My sister's other son drove up from Tennessee. So she was able to see her great grandchildren she had never met, and to see her grandson's again after a very long time.
This photo was at Letchworth State Park. But they also went to Niagara Falls and to a camp where Mom had worked one summer as a young lady. Now she is back home.

I went with friends from church on a walk Sunday. So glad for the walker! Pretty shattered by the end, but it was so lovely to have time to just chat.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

bead on - 24000 - 12- 21 May

This past week and weekend were busy for me. Rather than trying to work out where I should have been when I should have posted the bead update, I am posting where it is today.

Day 141 -  11,280people noted.

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.

I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.
Almost done with the fifth row encircling the sets of nine in the centre.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Something that is too late to be Saturday!

Treasure 20
Another bell. Given to me by a lovely little girl in my class when I worked as a TA in a school in West Virginia in my early  20’s.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Pattern and sewing

I have nearly got my room back in order since the rearranging for the lift.
This week a friend is coming to get help with fitting patterns. I haven’t worked with published patterns for years.
However I picked up this simple top pattern at the sewing group recently. I need a few more tops and I thought this might be a quick make.
So firstly, trying it out on a remnant I also picked up to ‘recycle’. I hope it will work well enough for a wearable toile. The add plus being that I can remind myself of what I might need to do or say when my friend comes round. She basically wants a shift dress that will fit. And that is not so far from this simple top. 
Or that is the idea. 😉

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 5 - 11 May

Day 131 - 10,480 people noted.

This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.

I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.

Done with the fourth row encircling the set of Nine squares. Got a bit carried away with the new pattern on the next row! But I won’t count that with this week or I will be confused.

Something that was meant to be on Saturday

Treasure 19

A lovely bell. I like bells and chimes.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

I like Thankful Thursday

This week's likes.
I like very much a few days to think after having completed the Ramshackle refugee piece "But is it Safe?" I posted about it yesterday.

Also much joy over a wee royal babe!

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
from here

and Great Excitement yesterday because my friends and I have been praying for years for this dear lady. What faithfulness, what endurance and fortitude! I pray Asia Bibi will settle in now safely getting to know daughters who grew up while she was waiting.

I am currently reading a book about the events around 1000-1066+ William the Conqueror and the other contestants for the Throne of England. Using what is known, but in a novel form. Warriors of the Dragon Gold.
I haven't got far because the print is very small, but I think it will be good. I hope! 3 of 4 books I attempted to read over the Bank Holiday were rejected after a couple pages. Too much about rude things and not enough about the story. I would rather read a good story than drag my mind through the gutter! I picked these up from a Charity Shop. They looked good, but were not my type.

But one of them was good. I like detective stories, quirky anti-types and stories set in another period.

The Norfolk Mystery - A bit of Poirot mixed with Wodehouse and a large bit of unique and often annoying detecting. 😵 Although the cover is a bit strange, I guess it is meant to be a tree and not an atom bomb? It is just funny (but not full of jokes...maybe British Humour?) and a good read. The detective is eccentric and wears you out reading about him!  You really feel you are reading a book written in the years before WW2, but it was published in 2013. So, for me this makes Ian Sansom a good writer.
I have discovered that there are other books in the "County Guide" series. So, those are on the list to look for next.

Anyway, something else wonderful.
The first peony bush is blooming. And the one next to it is thinking about it.

The yellow poppies have opened.

And I am about to do a project that doesn't take so much deep thinking. Many to choose from!! I don't know which one, but I am going to do something!

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Ramshackle - But is it Safe? Finished!

On Thursday last week I completed the work I have been doing about refugees. It is in my Ramshackle series, but I am just calling it But is it Safe? Follow the link to see the processes and development.

On Friday, I was able to get the photos done so, it is about ready to wing its way into the world.

Here it is completed and the story which goes with it.

But is it Safe?
Hearing news of refugees fleeing has made me think.
It appears that refugees in Country no.1 flee to Country no.2 because they are in danger.
Meanwhile, in Country no.2, refugees flee to Country no.3 because of the dangers they have faced.
Then in Country no.3, they flee to another section of their Country,
because they have been invaded and their homes have been destroyed.
In addition, I hear that from any of these countries, refugees head to the sea hoping they can get to a different place altogether where "no one" is in danger.

So, I ask...Who will break the cycle? What can I do?

Left side detail

Right side detail

Technique: Raw-edged, fused, reverse appliqué. Separate sections bound, inner edges joined with herring bone faggoting.
Material: Cotton, fusible, wadding, rug yarn, sewing thread

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Bead on - 24,000 - 28 April - 4 May

India- This work acknowledges 24,000 individuals - Indian Christians who were physically attacked in one year because of their faith.
I am stitching 80 beads each day for 300 days - 10 beads in each small square eight times.

Halfway done with the fourth row encircling the set of Nine squares. It’s pretty interesting how the choice of beads has a different look than you imagined when you selected them for the row.

Day 124...9,920 people have been noted.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Something on Saturday

Treasure 18

Another treasure painted by Mrs Campbell .
She was doing what was called  “tole painting”. It is double sided.

I love this one. I really like how the ‘shadows’ that are painted give a 3d look.
Sometimes I have had it in the window and yet the colours are as bright as ever!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

I like Thankful Thursday

I like progress! Today I began to see the progress on this Ramshackle piece, "But Is It Safe?".

The Thoughtful Man has finished painting the ceiling where the plastering had been done. Also, he set my table back in order. So, I have managed to get on with the Ramshackle piece I have been working on.

All the parts have been properly bound.

And I have started stitching sections together.

Someone, some time ago gave me a little bag of what they called “rug yarn”. I think if that’s what it is, it seems more like a thread they might have used to join carpet sections.

Anyway, it is just the right thing for this. There are other colours, too. I don’t know if I will stick with this colour throughout or use another colour.

I put white paper behind the herringbone stitching so you could see it better.

I might also add another row of herringbone over the first set. Not sure yet.
and then there is something about the deadline to consider! So, I better get the side pieces joined on before I think about that!

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