Sunday, 24 May 2009

A bit with a piece

So at last the camera, batteries and time constraints allow a photo of the progress of the current skirt I am making.
As I explained I had a bright idea of using the jeans part for a yoke and a flowery cotton pleated onto it with inverted pleats. It is hanging rather funny at this point, but I will get a better photo when it is finished.
Another part of my idea was to have a deep hem. This is why I left the selvedge on the bottom instead of trimming it for a small hem. It will probably be about 6cm(2 1/2 in) deep. The deep hem will balance the design, as well as give a bit of weight to the edge that will help the bottom to hold its shape rather than flop around.

Now that the skirt is at this stage, I need to put buttons down the centre front placket. At the present, large buttons are in fashion. I have found some that work very well visually. (I have a large stash of buttons. Some were bought from an online haberdashery company that was going out of business. It means I don't have to travel hither and yon to find buttons.)

For what ever reason, these buttons have a strange slot centre. It is probably meant to be used in combination with ribbon or something, and it would be interesting to experiment on with that kind of closure. But the buttons are the size and colour I want, and the fabric is busy enough without adding an unusual closure. So, I think I may actually use beads with the stitching to sew them on. I will have to see what looks best and still keeps the buttons on.

Have you ever seen buttons made this way?

I hope to get the hem and buttons done tomorrow. But I might actually take the day to do something quite different all together. It is the Bank Holiday and for once we have lovely weather!

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