Friday, 22 May 2009

A bit with a piece

I have been working on a new skirt. It is quite a different style than I usually make. I have got it to the place where it just wants a hem and buttons. However, the camera batteries don't want to play. is a cropped portion of a previous photo that shows the fabric I am using.

The jeans fabric is the remainder of the chopped off section from the jeans skirt makeover. The rest is a one metre piece of Rose and Hubble fabric that was part of the job lot of fabrics my friend gave me a while back. I had a bright idea of using the jeans part for a yoke and the rest pleated onto it with inverted pleats. It actually works quite well. I am looking forward to finishing it off.

Sorry you have to wait a bit for a photo. I am out and about tomorrow with Maria Elkins and her daughter Lydia. A while back, Maria said she was coming to England. She wasn't sure about going round London when I suggested it, but in the end, they have come to stay here overnight and I will be the escort tomorrow!

Well, that is if we can get up. I have just been blathering on all evening about all my work and pulling bits and pieces out of cupboards and wardrobes. Well it is fun to have someone to talk about your textile life with who is involved with the same things.

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