Saturday, 6 June 2009

Featured Blog

The Featured blog today is the Today's Title is... Blog. Like the Doodle Day Blog, the blog is run by Helen S with prompts...this time for photos. Some of the prompts on Today's Title is... are a bit more abstract than those on Doodle Day. I appreciate it because it is stretching.

The photos are quite stunning. For instance, for the week the prompt was Texture every single post was an inspiration. Seems those of us who do textile art are quite fascinated with texture. We have also had Empty jar, Point of Conversation, Slice of Reality, and so on.

Another time the prompt was Cog. These too were fascinating. Here is the one I posted for Cog. I had taken the photo when we visited the museum at Iron Gorge in Shropshire.

Perhaps you have a collection of inspirational photos. You might like to go over to Today's Title is... and join up.

Tomorrow is the draw for the give away from comments on the 200th post. (other people posted on other messages, but it had to be on Sunday's post.) I will check again tomorrow before I draw.

I think I have 16 comments... from:

Debbie in Texas
Linda F. Harkins
Leslie S
Cathy Vigor
Carole M
Linda Robertus
Debbie M
Laura West Kong
Beth M
Judy Scott
California Fiber artist and composer
Louise in SW Saskatchewan

There are 3 designs, so I will choose 3 names. Wish I had time to do more, but perhaps the next time!

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