Friday, 26 June 2009

Rust dye unwrapped

And here is the bundle unwrapped! Perhaps you can tell that the fabric was folded down the centre of the length. The various bits of rusty files, large farm bolts and metal plates with holes and so on have made wonderful patterns! I have also been experimenting with a different sort of metal to see what happens. The outside was pretty dramatic, but the inside parts didn't react so well. So, I have soaked it in more of the vinegar solution and rewrapped it differently so that more of the fabric is exposed. Perhaps in a week or so we can discover that one, too.
On the other hand, I am thinking of something quite exciting for that look, so the reveal may be delayed til I make something with it.

After I open up the rusted bundle, I shake it out and then wash it with a bit of washing up soap (not too much!) on a quick wash (40°C).
Here is the result after it was washed. As you can tell, the overall look is a bit more muted, but it is still quite dramatic.
It was very dry before I washed it, so the fabric was quite stiff. I didn't notice the way the pattern has a bit of a curve to it until it had been washed. It reminds me of the sort of pattern you might see on a snake!

OR, the underbelly of a dragon?

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Helen in the UK said...

The rust dyed fabric looks wonderful! Do you have any plans for this bit yet ... or will you wait for the right inspiration to strike?!