Sunday, 29 October 2017

The beads are still going on...22-28 October

Week 43 - 2017








Saturday, 28 October 2017

Something on Saturday

Cow 41

This cow lives on a window sill with other sunflower or cow themed things. I never light the candle...just clean the dust off now and then!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

and quilting the new one

So, having solved the issues of sewing from the back for the squares, I realised it would not be easy to do the next step.

The background which the squares are stitched onto, have tone on tone stripes - damask-like. I wanted to stitch with large thread across them. BUT. To do that from the back would be more than my head could manage.
Also, my back is limiting the intricate stuff, even if I sit in my sewing chair for any length of time. My physio is helping me work on that, but at the moment. no.

But. I can sit in the chair in the lounge and stitch without my back hurting. I decided to hand stitch with my chosen threads across the lines of the stripes. And then realised I haven't actually did hand work on a piece like this. Well,  yes the red x's for the 70,273 project. So, for the stretching part, I would have the bobbinwork as well as hand quilted with big stitch.

I have left some space in the centre to put the enlarged needle. I will do that before I finish the rest of the lines. I hope you can click on the photo to see the stitching. I didn't stitch all the lines, only selected ones.
I used variegated yellow and white crochet cotton and a variegated yellow, orange, blue, green (the same I used for the squares.)
So the needle is next.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

more on the new one

So, bobbinwork.
This is not so hard - other than the technical aspect of working out how your machine can do it - when you are working from the back and following a design there. Sometimes stitching through something like paper or soluble film or fabric that has the design drawn on it.

But, what I wanted to do was stitch squares onto the front using bobbinwork.

I first tacked them on, this would at least hold the squares in the right place. But as my tacking wasn't exactly parallel from the edge of the square, I was concerned that my stitching would be randomly all over the place.
So, I also pinned at the outside edge of each square. I would be going slow anyway and if the edge of the foot travelled along using the pins as a guide, I shouldn't have much problem with catching pins in the footplate.
And it worked! There was one or two pins I realise had pulled out, so I stopped and rescued them. No big issues.
The one thing which was difficult was getting a 45° corner on the stitching. It had pulled the smaller thread creating 'eyelashes' as it does when you turn corners too quickly when doing free machine embroidery. But there was enough in the large thread tail from the start and end to pull it along and adjust the small thread to make the tension right.

On the front, the stitching is parallel with the edge of the square. and when taking the pins and tacking out, the square looks stitched on with big thread (crochet cotton) that doesn't go through the needle!
The reason I want it to look like big stitching is because I am going to do an enlarged needle like on the first one.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The beads are still going on...15-21 October

Week 42 - 2017


Saturday, 21 October 2017

Something on Saturday

Cow 40

Just another little cow. On a different shelf, so I nearly forgot about it.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The new one

So, moving on from the sampling, I laid out the top fabric, the batting, and the bottom fabric. Plus a couple scraps still on the table from trimming the 3 secret pieces.

To do bobbin stitch around the scraps, I will have to work from the back. In order to tell where those scraps are, I need to have some sort of clue on the back!

So, I did some tacking round them. Also pinning the layers together so they will all work together when I am turning upside down.
Actually, I like the look of the tacking stitches! Maybe those will be a part of the work some how? Thinking about it.
We have Harvest this weekend, so being busy!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

A new starting

Starting on my piece for next year's Stretching Art challenge, called Under Scrutiny.

I am in need of doing something that doesn't take all my energy. So, I thought I would do another Sew Large piece like this one.
H46in x W31in (117cm x 79cm)
I used slivers of fabric to recreate the image of the needle.
“Sew Large” - A closer look at one of the tools of my trade.
A simple hand embroidery needle stuck into a piece of cotton
covered with additional trial samples of cloth.
Any number of these can be found here and there around my studio.

The Stretching Art piece needs to be smaller, and part of the stretching is to try something challenging. So, I thought about using bobbin stitch  - where you work from the back using a larger thread in the bobbin.
Here is a trial (at the top above my order of sequins which came yesterday. Not to be used on this work, just taking one photo for both things!). I adjusted the stitch length and tensions using this thread I already had wound onto a bobbin.

I think it works like I wanted it to. Next step, create the quilt sandwich and figure out where to stitch.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

tiny glimpse

So, the 3 secret pieces I worked on are complete - even with their own sleeves!

I still can't show them, but a little tease won't hurt. These are photos of the fabrics which were the starting point. The difference is pretty big for most of them.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Beads and sequins

I had run out of beads for the 'other bead project'. I was using a frosted (which I was calling matt, because they weren't shiny) black size 8 bead for the front. Then, as I realised I was nearing the last of them, thought I would use other black ones.
But the shiny black beads just didn't sit well with the others as the topic was about the abducted Nigerian women. So, I went with size 11 frosted black. But as time went on for those, I realised they weren't covering enough of the fabric or making enough of an impact on the jungle fabric.
The dress before I started adding beads.

The bead vendor I usually buy from at the Festival of Quilts, wasn't there this year. I thought I would be able to visit a few of them at the Knitting and Stitching show. But I realised I was just not well enough to go into London last week. I don't generally order online, but I realised it was the better option anyway...a savings, if you like, because I wouldn't be paying the entry fee nor nearly £25 for the train!

So. I pushed the button on Friday and ordered. One lot from Totally Beads came today. And I am expecting some more thread from another vendor.
Now I can catch up the other bead project. Something I can do in the evening when I have run out of energy for other things.

Speaking of beads...
I suspected I had not quite got the numbers right on the day/date of the daily beads. And especially as I have been posting the recent set from catching up for a few weeks, I realise I am out by about a week.
So, I have gone through to see what is wrong. Oh... in May, I posted only 24! Ok. No worries. I can get the little box with the May beads and matching with the screen, see which ones I hadn't taken photos of.

not as hard as I thought it might be because these were done with the grey fabric and I could match up the dots!
a bit of editing to adjust the numbers - ok alot - but as that is about as much as I can cope with at the moment. (adjusting to medicines)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The beads are still going on...8-14 October

Week 41 - 2017








Saturday, 14 October 2017

The beads are still going on...1-7 October

from week 40

Still using orange beads, but with the brown fabric.







Something on Saturday

Cow 39

This was a gift from the Thoughtful Man some years ago.
salt and pepper in background for size.
A Beswick Hereford cow. Underneath it says Ch of Champions.
I looked it up and it seems to be A Beswick champion Hereford cow, modelled by Arthur Gredington, produced 1954-97.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Dragon Gown Finished

In September, one of the things I finally finished was the Dragon Gown. I delivered it to Lady Sew and Sew in Henley when I went up to teach the Beginner Machine Embroidery.

I had forgotten to get photos of the finished product here. But remembered when we had displayed it up there. Unfortunately, the dummy has a patterned cover and has a bigger bosom than my dummy! So, a bit of strain in the front and is gaping at the top of the zip in the back. Made straps for it from the lining fabric...mainly because I thought it might be displayed on one of the dummies that is much smaller than mine!

Anyway, This view shows the back.
This view shows the front and the placement for display next to the rolls of fabric where this pleather fabric can be found.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The beads are still going on...24-30 September

from week 39








All of September's beaded fabric squares.