Friday, 19 June 2009

Book Cover - development2

Some time back, I showed you a book cover I was trying to develop for making for the Crafts @the Library workshops. The challenge was to develop something that could be made with hand stitching and decoration that would be easy enough to do in the 2 hour period.

I was getting a bit bogged down because there are several different sizes of library books one can take out. I will have to make a bit of a least for the fabric part of the cover, since I will have to put fusible interfacing on here at home. Not knowing how many will be there and what size book they might be likely to choose was a bit too much. This is also compounded by the fact that this week is Arts Week in Birch Hill, Great Hollands and Jennet's Park here in Bracknell. Our Crafts @the Library sessions next week have been advertised in the leaflets that have been displayed round the town. So, although we have our regulars, the numbers are even more unpredicatable for next week.

Today, I got the final version done and was trying to work out sizes for the others when Hilary, the community police officer stopped by! She was really trying to connect with my husband for a community event. However, we had spoken several times before and she came to one of the craft sessions at the library. It was just the right timing. You know how sometimes you have to talk to someone about what you are doing so you find out yourself? So, Hilary came into the studio and between the 2 of us, I realised it would be much better to get some inexpensive notebooks and make one pattern for all. I could give a hand out about how to measure up for other book sizes, should anyone want to make one.

So, here we are. I popped into town to get some inexpensive notebooks.The workshops are only £2 per person, so I couldn't spend too much. I didn't find it in my usually discount shop, but actually in Rymans...they had some for around 99p, but 3 for the price of 2! That's good!!
The bigger version is covering a diary I had in past years, and the small one is covering a mid-year diary I picked up for college. It is the same size as one of the new little notebooks. I used some fabric adhesive I had got for a class at the Houston quilt show, but hadn't used. If the students want to stitch round the appliques at home, they can do that.
It all works well, and now all I have to do is cut and overlock fabric for book cover kits!
If you are in Bracknell on Tues. the 23rd, come along to the Crafts @the Library workshop at Birch Hill Library from 2-4 pm. Or come to Great Hollands Library from 2-4 pm on Wed. the 24th! I'd love to see you.

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