Sunday, 21 June 2009

problem solving - colour loss

On the 10th July, there will be a Fashion Show put on by tutors and students from New Directions. Because I am a new tutor, it would be nice to show some of my work.

However, this presents a few problems. The Bernina Garments won't return til August sometime. And, most of the things I made when I did my C+G Fashion that fit me ( ...I went up and down in weight and my formal wear piece was for a child...), I have actually been wearing.

A lot.

Some of them look rather shop worn. So, today, I decided to see what I could do about the red and black jacket and skirt. The skirt was made later, but I used trimmings of the black suede from the top part. Although you can wash suede, in this instance, when I did, the black faded a lot. I figured, what could it hurt to see if I could get the black to be dark again by colouring in the bits with a permanent pen? I have been using permanent pen with some of my fabric painting designs.

So, here is a photo part way through the process. The darker ones have been coloured in already. Looks good. I am quite pleased with the final result.

Also, over the years, the curly bits of the overlay on the jacket have become rather curled in on themselves. The overlay was meant to be removable, but I never wear it that way. It is actually a bit floppier than I like, for instance, I have to adjust it if I lean over when wearing it. So, I decided to make it more permanent. I put it on M'Lady, and have been painting a fusible adhesive to the back of the overlay...not everywhere, but along the outer edges by the front and shoulders, and some of the curly bits. I will see if it needs anymore after those parts dry. I am not sure if I will colour in that overlay, but I will see what the skirt looks like with the jacket.

So, there is a problem solved. A much loved outfit has been refreshed!

I have also dug out some of my Tudor garments. It seems one of the students has 2 daughters who would be perfect for modeling these!

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