Friday, 8 May 2009

Problem Solving - Hem

Just recently I have had some questions about things you can do with different types of garments to recycle or refashion them. So here is a post about some ideas for solving some problems.

At first I was just going to make a skirt from this somewhat old fashioned looking fabric a friend gave me and show what you could do. But in the process of making it, I discovered there was a problem in the weave...right near the hem in the front. So, that presented a different problem, and a new challenge for me to work out a solution.
part of the problem

Here are some ideas I had for updating the fabric. The fabric has small paisleys in muted colours. I have some stamps recycled from Asian print blocks. Because paisleys have their origin from Asian fabrics, I thought at least one of the blocks could be used to stamp patterns over the original fabric.

When I found the problem with the weave, I thought perhaps I could cut the skirt shorter, make a new section for the hem (because it was already just the right length, I couldn't get away with just shortening it.) I couldn't turn the fabric over and use the back, because although it might work, the blue looks a different shade when it doesn't have the paisley pattern over it.
Some stamping and hem solution ideas
I had already discovered the stamping colour that worked best was white. So, I wondered what would happen if I added a strip of white between the skirt and the new hem section. Then I remembered I had some premade piping in white, so, I tried that and was very pleased!

Skirt with the piping

After I constructed the skirt, including the piped new hem section, I began the stamping. I stamped along the new hem piece with the larger detailed flower. but realised it needed a bit more. I already planned to stamp the smaller one on the body of the skirt, so I filled in with that. I really liked the result.

When I went to stamp the body of the skirt, I was unsure how I could scatter the stamps in a reasonable pattern. I decided to go with my flower motif concept that I have been doing on other things. But this time, I used a cluster of the stamp flowers to make the "petals". I started with one... then three, but both seemed too sparse or too plonked on there. They didn't really change the fabric. So, I kept on working in odd numbers til I was happy with the spread of the flowers. I have only done this on the front.


Your solutions! I decided to stamp just one at the back near the hem in the centre. At this point, I am not sure if it wants more on the back. So, I am giving you a chance to have some input.


Here are some options I am considering. Let me know what you think I should do.

1 - stamp all over flower clusters like the front.

2 - put a white button in the centre of the back pattern.

3 - stamp another ring of sorts round the existing cluster.

4 - stamp all over but single stamped flowers rather than clusters.

5 - leave as is

Leave a comment and I will let you know what solution I choose.


Anonymous said...

I think you should stamp it like the front. Then it will look just like the stamps are part of the fabric.

Stephanie N. said...

I vote option 1, too.