Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Khaki makeover - top

I had a black t-shirt that really doesn't do anything for me. It makes me look washed out. I had already cut a v in the neck, with the hopes that it would help to take away some of the black from my face. However, it didn't really work. But since it would go well with the khaki made over skirt, I decided to add a bit of ruffle from the flower print round the neckline. Then to further pull the colours together, I sewed a scattering of the tiny flower buttons below the neck and on one sleeve.

The result is quite a bit more cheerful, and won't make me look like I got up off my death bed! Since I rarely wear it any way, it doesn't hurt to match it to wear with the skirt. However, it still could be worn with black jeans or something.

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