Friday, 15 May 2009

more makeover

Well, I didn't get anywork finished. Still doing some prep work for the Thames Valley CQ meeting tomorrow.

However, I did get into town to get some more buttons for the problem solving skirt. While there, I popped into one of the charity shops (Oxfam - skirts are £2.99 each) to see if there were some more jeans skirts or whatever.

Well, if I had a bit more money with me, I could have got about 5 skirts! As it was, I came home with 3. What's more, they are all my size!! But all of these are right down to my toes. :) So, when I do get them made over, I can get a normal skirt length, plus have a whole lot left over for something else.
The centre one is actually black linen. It will be interesting to see what it wants to be. I developed several new designs in the past week for my students to use yesterday, so perhaps some of them will be adapted for these makeovers.

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