Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fabulous Felt Brooches Again

When I did the Fabulous Felt Brooches workshop with the Family Learning Group, I realised it would suit the learners at the Crafts @the Library workshops. So, that is what we are doing this month. Yesterday at Birch Hill there were several who were on holiday and had other commitments. Still, Norma came and made a lovely pastel colour brooch. Because Norma is good at getting on with things on her own, I started doing one myself. It actually was a combined effort between the 2 of us. I started with dark green petals and then red. Then Norma suggested it be something like a Poinsettia. So we worked together to develop a centre that would be just a bit different to the other flowers. We were quite pleased with the results!
So, today I am at the Great Hollands Library. It will be interesting to see what we manage there!

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