Thursday, 7 May 2009

Book Cover - development

For the June Crafts @the Library Workshop, We will be making book covers. Here is a prototype. I actually did this one with the machine, but I wanted to know if my pattern idea would work. The next step is to make one using hand stitching, as we won't have sewing machines at the Library.

How do you like the handpainted button!

I am thinking it might be a good plan to just make up some kits for this. That way, I can do the straps with buttonholes already for the kit. However, I just thought that you could also do some sort of cord and loop it over the button. I will have to play with that part and see how it works.
side view

The flowers are fused on, so that will have to be adapted for use without irons! I think I am going to try some fabric glue someone gave me. I will have to see how long it takes to dry and how messy it actually is.

The secret part of this is that it is water resistant! I interlined it with carrier bags fused together! I have ideas to develop a pattern for one that covers the pages as well, but before you do the variations, you have to get the basic right.

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