Sunday, 12 April 2009

Jeans skirt Makeover - Part 2+3

Well, Yesterday could have been part 2 on it's own, but it was Featured Blog and I was busy with Part 3.
Remember the jeans skirt my sister gave me? Too long and a bit boring. (She didn't like it either.)

Part 2 - First, I chopped off the excess, plus about 3 inches. Then, I cut a 6 inch band from the chopped off part. Flipped it over to show the "inside" and stitched it back on to the skirt. The edge was overlocked. Then, I turned up the band to the inside, which made a double layer, and then caught it down with stitch in the ditch through the seam I had made.

Already it looks better!Part 3 - Next I got out my textile paints and started painting some abstract flowers. These flowers were developed during some recent doodling and trying out the "What if?" questions. What if flowers had geometric petals, rather than petal shaped. What if the "stamens" stuck out like antennae?


I love the result! Now I have to look for some more things to draw and paint onto!



Sue B said...

Sandy this looks great! I love what you did to it. I just finished painting a jean jacket, it's out on my blog if you'd care to take a look:)

Moriah said...

This turned out super cute, Aunt Sandy! i like it a lot. :D