Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tie Dye - 2

Here are some of the tie die results while wet. I rinsed them, then washed and dried them in the tumble dryer. They all dried paler. I am going to make a stronger dye solution for the students.
1. Glass pebbles tied in with elastic bands

2. Glass beads tied with crochet cotton (more obvious after machine washing and drying)

3. An oval shaped bead twisted and tied down the length with elastic bands
4. Bigger oval shaped beads twisted and all gathered together and tied with elastic bands

5. Various wrapped, self tied, clamped with buttons, clamped with plastic cut from ice cream container.

5a - Parcels

5b - Self tie
(The resist is not as noticeable. If the fabric were wet, I could perhaps tie it tighter.) Another self tie

5 c - Clamped buttons
(Love this! I will try a thinner parcel clamped next time to get more of the "flower effect".

5 d - Clamped Plastic
This would work well to refold, clamp and over dye for a secondary pattern.)

6. Length twisted on itself and tied with elastic bands . I think the bands needed to be tighter here.

7. Gathered up freely with my hands and tightly tied with elastic bands at intervals.(Space Dyed)

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