Friday, 29 May 2009

bits and pieces

Today was a bit of running around for bits and pieces for courses. I got some of the glass pebbles for tying into the fabric, some pipettes and clamps.I also got some wood blanks for a magnet workshop for young carers.

AND, you can be very proud of me... I went to Fabricland to get some cotton lawn and habotai silk for dyeing...and that's all I got! I was tempted to look at other fabric, but didn't. Phew...that was hard! ;-p I have been working on my Fast Friday Challenge, but it isn't in a state to show yet. However, I finally found my fimo buttons from the Thames Valley CQ day. I thought someone had tidied them away somewhere...but it was me! I had tidied them into the box with my Endless Possibilities piece that I took to show. I need to make the holes and bake them.

And then possibly design a garment round the idea?

So Blogger doesn't seem to be playing today. I hope this gets posted.

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