Saturday, 9 May 2009

Featured Blog

This weekend's featured blog, my friends, will lead you on to worlds you only dreamed about.

The Blog is called A Faerietale of Inspiration. The posts are a collection of excerpts by Ruthie in SW Scotland Ruthie has discovered "esquisite creations from folk near and far". Most, as the blog's subtitle says are "inspired by faery, folklore, mythology, nature, fantasy, celtic, medieval".
I love going to A Faerietale of Inspiration. but I have to be sure I have a bit of time. Everytime I go there, I discover one or more new blogs with esquisite images of the artwork of fantastical artists. I just get absolutely lost discovering things like costume & couture footwear by pendragon shoes . Or Faerie Homes by Tatiana Katara. Stunning costume by rossetti couture and enchanting costume at fairy nana's shop. Sculpture like tiny fantasy creatures sculpted by polly verity or living sculptures from hedges by patrick dougherty .

Well, I could babble on...I haven't mentioned those fine drawings and paintings! Go over and have a look at A Faerietale of Inspiration. Settle back into a dream you thought was only in faerietales or the Hobbit Village and Elvendale.

Ruthie also has a blog for her own work where she invites us to "a place of creativity, love, life, happiness & hope. Here you can see my work, my photographs & my words. " It is called 5 Precious Things . Among her other work, Ruthie takes excellent photographs as she is out and about.

And for my part, you can see the idea for another dragon! I did this some time ago when I did the Design Principles part of City and Guilds. I used bits of lace. I ought to revisit this sometime this year with my other dragon series.
Lacy Dragon

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