Sunday, 10 May 2009

Problem Solving - Hem 2

Thank so much for all the input about the skirt and the stamping. The overwhelming concensus was to finish stamping the back of the skirt. This was one of those situations where your gut instinct said to do that, but you were trying to get away with less work!

A few other suggestions came up (not all as comments here, I posted on Wardrobe Refashion and UKSewing as well.) One idea was to do individual stamps in between the clusters. A good thought, but I was afraid it would become too busy. One person liked it as is. One person said I should have left it just stamped at the bottom. I think that would have been just a bit too plain for what I had in mind about updating the fabric.

And so, I have finished stamping the back. However, I knew that the stamping alone was still not enough. It was a bit like "lets stamp this because it is not interesting enough" (well, of course, you say, that is the truth!) However, I wanted the overall look to be "Oh, what a cute skirt!" Not "Did you stamp your skirt?" Do you see the difference?

Some of the buttons I have been using on refashioning.
I have blue stars and green flowers somewhere, too.

Somehow I felt the pink in the fabric had to be brought out in some way. I wondered what it would be like with a pink button in the centre of the clusters (remember, that was one option for the back). I tried a few different ones I had on hand, and the winner was the tiny pink ones from the red selection above. (I get them from Sew Divine who have a haberdashery stall in the Bracknell Market, and a shop in Reading near Cemetary Junction. The online shop is mostly sewing machines and accessories.) These buttons are a variety of the ones I have been sewing on t-shirts etc. The problem was that the little pink ones were too small to make a difference. so, I decided to put 3 in the centre of each cluster!

Well, I did the front. I have to get another pack to finish the back.

And voila! Suddenly it is "Where did you get the cute skirt?"

Not the best photo on the wardrobe!
Perhaps I will do one on the dummy when I get all the buttons on .

What kind of problem solving have you been doing?

Recycle/ Restyle idea: If you find a dress or even a man's shirt with a muted pattern, you could pretend it is just fabric. Cut out a blouse or skirt from the fabric and try doing something similar. Hopefully without the hem fix! But, then again, you will know about what that looks like ahead of time and can plan to do it on purpose!

Note: there is some sort of Blogger outage tomorrow. I can't work out the time difference, but I will try to post if I can.

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