Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fabric Painting

Tomorrow I have a taster session at an office in Reading. The company is having a Learn@Work day. What a good idea! Besides Fabric Painting, the employees also asked New Directions college for tutors for Reflexology and Holiday Spanish.

I am going to bring my painted skirts and trousers along to show. (Well, I am going to wear the jeans skirt. ) Here are a few more samples I made up. I wanted to show that you could apply the idea to soft furnishings or little gift sorts of things.

I have been busy creating some designs for them to use. I am real chuffed with the blue design. I want to do it bigger on some clothing!

So, back to preparation. I need to cut up some more fabric swatches to paint on.

I am looking forward to it though!

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