Saturday, 30 May 2009

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Today's Featured Blog is the Doodle Day Blog which I have referred to frequently. Helen S gives a prompt - usually at the weekend - and through the week members of the blog post the doodles they have made.

Recent prompts have included Dragons, their counterparts (Knights and Maidens), Butterflies and Dragonflies, Bees, Daisies, Tree House, Owl, and so on.

I have found these prompts good for getting me to try my hand at drawing. I am not intending to create extremely realistic drawings, but just play with ideas. Some of the ideas come out in the form of a story, some I am finding I want to explore in different ways and develop design possibilities. In this post, I wrote a bit of a philosophical ramble about how I was finding the doodling process.

Here is a doodle I did last week. I am still playing with developing some ideas about abstracting flowers to get some retro designs. but, instead of focusing solely on the design, because I am decorating a page, I often find that something else I end up doodling becomes the thing I like and want to take further.
Doodle 7

Getting photos has been the hard part. At first I tried photographs, but I could never get it right. Lately I have been scanning the page. But I am still not too happy with it. However, that being said, I think people get the gist of it.
If you click "doodle" on the labels at the bottom of this post, you can see some of the other doodles I have done. Some are here and some are on the Doodle Day Blog.

*****AND...on another note, tomorrow's post will be 200! Looks like time for another give away! Keep your eyes and ears open!*****

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