Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tie Dye

Yesterday, being the half-term and being between parts of the teaching training course, I didn't have to do assignments. (Well, I could have got ahead, but then you need a break sometimes!)

So, instead, I was preparing for a tie dye workshop I am taking over from another tutor. It is only 2 1/2 hours, so it will really be just a taster. However, I want to show the learners a few samples so they can get an idea of what things are possible.

So, I stood in the kitchen on the tiled floor and tied fabric most of the day. This was after I stood at the sink and washed all my dye pots...they live in the shed and were rather yuck. And so today, my legs are killing me. Remember, I stood all day on Mon. and painted papers. Oh well.
1. Glass pebbles tied in with elastic bands (also tried a couple of buttons to see what if?)

2. Glass beads tied with crochet cotton (plastic beads would do. They are about the size of pony beads...some a little smaller, some a little bigger.)

3. An oval shaped bead at the point, twisted and tied down the length with elastic bands.

4. Bigger oval shaped beads twisted and all gathered together and tied with elastic bands.

5. Various wrapped, self tied, clamped with buttons, clamped with plastic cut from ice cream container.

Today they are in the dye baths. (I remembered to stand on the rug this time.) I added a few more tied combinations. Some I photographed, some not.

6. Length twisted on itself and tied with elastic bands

7. Gathered up freely with my hands and tightly tied with elastic bands at intervals. As above but "Space Dyed".

I am leaving them in for at least 24 hours, since I am using up some old dye I had mixed. They may not be intense, but will show enough of the tie resists. I will mix up new dye for the class. I use Val Bennett's recipe based on Dylon Hand Dyes. She has a little book that is very easy to follow.

The workshop is on Monday, 8 June 2009. The time is 10:00 - 12:30. It is put on by New Directions, but will be held at the Wycliffe Baptist Church, 233 Kings Road, Reading, Berks. "Learn different techniques of tie-dye and create your own wall hanging." The class may already be full.

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