Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fly Over - Part 2

So, the dragon has flown over the city.
Here is a photo before quilting and satin stitching the edge. I took it on a slant so you could see the shadow better. I had a synthetic organza shot throught with similar colours to what was used in the grid. So, I cut a dragon shadow to lay over one area of the city.

Here is the finished piece. The colours are actually brighter than this.

No big story from the deal, but I found out why the dragon is flying over... He is the Dragon Sentinel and is flying over the city in a routine surveillance round, protecting and keeping watch over those in his charge.

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Hello Sandy, I've just followed a link from Doodle Day and discovered your blog. How did I not see it before I wonder?!! Oh well, I shall definitely tune in again as you have some lovely stuff to see, and I also love following peoples progress through their work.