Monday, 18 May 2009


Not too inspiring, but the paperwork for the second part of the Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector is now complete...well apart from about 3 more sessions of teaching. I hand it in tomorrow.
The next part begins after half-term, which is next week. It all finishes in July. (Crossing off days on calendar.) Theoretically, the next part should be easier. Well, we will see when we get there.

By the way, I get a chance to teach Tie-Dye in the beginning of June! I think the class is full already, but the previous tutor is unable to do it. Looks like an excuse to play in the half-term! I did quite a bit of dyeing when I was doing my City and Guilds, but it is always useful to refresh your memory. I haven't got much by way of samples, as I used bits and pieces for other things. I use the method taught by Val Bennett from Farne Designs. The topic has been up recently on the Dyer's list. They were talking about teaching dyeing to children, but a lot of the ways teachers found to make this easier will come in useful for a 2 hour session.

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