Monday, 11 May 2009

State of Mind

The teaching training course is getting to the end of the 2nd part. So, I am making sure I have all the paper work. Plus, I have ideas for some more "made up in my head" chop-chop-sew-sew skirts.

Plus, I am preparing for a few courses and workshops, including painting on fabric at a Learning at Work Day at a place of work in Reading and the Recycle and Restyle Clothes workshop for June, and Crafts @the Library. I am also beginning to think about ideas for some courses for making children's costumes in the autumn...I am co-ordinating the meeting for the Thames Valley CQ group this Sat...and so on. This week also includes a house guest this week from a far flung country, whom we haven't seen for sometime.

I pulled out these bits and pieces so you could get an idea of what my head is like at the minute!

So, today, you get a photo of my state of mind. I do rather keep things somewhat organised in my own style normally. But when all the file drawers and archives seem to get opened at once, it gets a bit fraught!

Hopefully, it will settle down next week!

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