Wednesday, 1 July 2009

emerging dragon

I am working on the next Fast Friday Challenge. The colours are triad (3 equal spaces round the colour wheel.) I have chosen purple, green, and orange. The green and purple are more like teal and magenta, but it still works.

We are also doing texture, and that will be the next step. I plan to do some thread painting on this dragon.

Here is a start on this one. He is just emerging from the background at this point, so I am still discovering him. He is a bit wolf-like at present. I think he needs some bottom canine type teeth to stick up into the orange mouth part. He is also going to have something going on round the back of the head.

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ruthie said...

Hi sandy, i have re done the link to the nureya aventis post on faerietale of inspiration blog, sorry about that! thanks for pointing it out - and a lesson learnt i should never try and blog so late at night whilst on t phone! i was thrilled to doscover you follow my blog also! it is a bit of an experiment at the moment. Am loving your textiles -fascinating, my daughter is a textile designer. have a fab day . ruthie