Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cheerful skirt

Remember the blue skirt that needed cheering up? I showed it hanging up on Monday and gave you a glimpse of the cheering yesterday. Well, here is the finished product!

I used a fabric I really liked from the box of quilting cottons my friend Gabrielle gave me last year. The print has a cheerful elegance to it. So, even though the skirt fabric is more of a lightweight summer suit type fabric, the print still works with it.

Here is what I did to decorate the skirt.
I chopped the skirt shorter (Why did I cut it longer than normal in the first place? This is why you shouldn't wait more than a year to make things up. You forget the plan!) Then I made up and added the ruffle. I decided to gather it about 2 cm from the top edge, and attach it straight to the front of the skirt fabric. Then I covered the stitching with a narrow blue ribbon.
You might recognise that the doodle flower has been taken a step further. Or has been given the What if? treatment. What if the petals were cut from the print I used for the ruffle. What if the centre were made of buttons (like seeds?). I have one at the back as well. I always think people forget to give the back interest, So I like to put a little something.The next thing I will do is put a bit of decoration on the white linen blouse that you could see partially in the original photo on Monday. I don't think I am doing ruffles. Just enough of the print to go with the skirt, but not so much that I can't wear it with other things.

Perhaps tomorrow, but I have to go buy a new light for my overlocker. So, we will see.

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