Sunday, 22 March 2009

Out and About

Yesterday I went to a small quilt show with my friend Helen. Besides quilts from various groups round the area, there was a featured display of Delia Salter's work. Delia is helping with the new Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt group that is starting up.

Fascinating Clock tower.

The show was held at Radley College, near Abingdon. I had a wander round the grounds. There were several interesting things I will save for Inspiration Tuesdays, but I thought you might like to see some sculptures some of the students of the boys school have done. I think the garden theme must have been myths and legends. (I left off a rather gory minotaur and some disturbing surreal ironwork/plaster bodypart structures.)

The first thing to catch my eye was in the Design and Technology room where the fabric sale was. A prop from a past play?

I love how the use of straw in these sculptures give a realistic "animal" look to these creatures.
And around the corner near the side of a builing? A dragon of course!

I am glad I went back to the car for my coat from a different exit! I would have missed all this.

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