Friday, 6 March 2009


On one of the lists someone brought up the idea of doodles, and shared a web link to a site where they showed how to get started. (and for which I can not find the email OR the web link! but, I did find quite a few interesting things through a Google search.)

This is something I admire the complete look of, but didn't realise it was so easy. So, this week I had to go to a meeting I knew would be mundane at best. I decided to bring the little sketch book I had picked up to take to Houston, but never used and have a go at the doodling.
I am quite chuffed really. By the end of the meeting, I was really starting to get into it and try different patterns.

This is something I can do when I am in doctor's waiting rooms, etc. I used to bring stitching, but I never really have something small to carry round anymore. I can see how this also could help develop your eye for free machine embroidery or quilting. I don't really use sketch books for developing my work. That tends to come in the long hours when I can't sleep or in the morning when I am waiting for pain meds to knock back pain enough to get up and ignore it! I do a lot of virtual design in my head.

So, now here is a start, and we will see what comes from it!


Amy in Austin said...

Hey Sandy - this is just gorgeous! I'm going to have to check out doodling on google. What did you search on?

Amy in Austin

Sandy said...

I just searched how to doodle. Some aren't actually this type of doodling. The main thing fomr this lady's blog post was to do curvy line and then go back curving in the other direction. then begin filling in the spaces.

however, in the search, i found this site which I think gives good advice about the whole idea. I especially liked the ideas for fill patterns.

I am sure you have lovely papers to do this on!

Anonymous said...

I found my way to your blog from Doodle Day. I like your dragon tail. I wish you could remember the "how to doodle" website but I'll do some checking of my own through Google. I must admit, I never thought about finding a doodle tutorial online. Thanks for sharing...Kathy

Sandy said...

I found a couple other links and put them on the doodle blog.