Friday, 20 March 2009

dragon study - tail Part 2

Here is more about the dragon tail. As I said, the split complementary is blue with red-orange and yellow-orange. You can see the yellow-orange (gold) silk clouds in this photo.

I haven't got a close up of the wing, but I used a similar method to how I drew patterns in the tail area of the dragon. Then I trimmed it.

You can also see how I attached the tail. I used a fine Free motion zigzag. This still leaves ragged edges, so I trimmed close to the first zigzag and then did another pass with a slightly larger zigzag. Still Free Motion (feed dogs down and darning stitch settings).
As you can see there are the odd bits that don't get caught down. If you are lucky, you have a felt tip/marker the same colour as the thread. Just go along and paint the wispy bits with the felt tip/marker. I used a fine tip Sharpie I got in America.
After this, I went round the shapes with the same blue thread, but regular Free Motion stitch this time. I also quilted blowing wind bits like on oriental work.
And here is the final piece with the binding...but I still have to hand stitch the binding down.
What I would do different? Fuse things before stitching. There are a few too many wobbles in the fabric, and I didn't want intense stitching to tame it.

Don't ask me about the "design element" at the corners of the binding. I tried using the continuous binding method with straight doesn't work.

But it does give you an opportunity for creating a design element.

Even if you don't want one.

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