Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dragon - Form: Low relief

I have been preparing to teach a class tomorrow on Form for the C+G Design Principles course. I am filling in for my friend/colleague who is ill. I will be doing the Texture class in a few weeks, as well .

So, needless to say, I haven't got current artwork to show you. However, here is a photo of the cover of one of the Preparing Working Designs (PWD) pieces I did when I took this course. At the time the themes were different. Things like Media, Landscape, Living forms, Culture and Folklore, etc. So, of course, I did dragons for the Culture/ Folklore! So, this book is full of dragon inspired design work. I will have to show you sometime.

The cover is cut from correagated cardboard, and also has hot glue dribbled for the lines. The whole thing was sprayed with copper paint. It comes under the design principle category of form, as it is low relief.

If you have photos of work you have done that fits with the design principle: 3D, Relief, etc. I'd love to have a look. Put a link in your comment, or send me some photos saying "Form - Blog" in the subject line and I will show others your work.

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