Sunday, 8 March 2009

Endless Possibilities - Complete!

Endless Possibilities is finished!

It was actually finished yesterday, but I have been sealing the edges with the soldering iron. Originally I had torn the silk, which gave it an edge that wouldn't fray. But when I was doing all the trimming to get it in the vacinity of 40in when they are all together, I trimmed with the rotary had lovely little silk hairs starting to draggle out. Actual fraying would have been alright...draggley hairs...Not.

I haven't sized these photos smaller, so hopefully they will be clickable and you can see the detail. I haven't got a daytime photo to try to show the transparency effect. But you can see the front and back and the subtle things going on at the back which you can imagine will show up as a slight shadow when the light is hitting it.

As I said, I will probably do a 4th panel when this returns for entry into the FOQ. I have another length of the rusted silk habotai with marks that almost mirror the right panel. I can use it to make a new left panel. I may do something interesting to the bottom of the current left panel when I do that.


The pieces will be shown at Quilters Heritage Celebration Show in Lancaster, PA, USA from 2-5 April, 2009.

And a plus about the whole thing is that it is very light, so won't cost me the earth to post off for the show!

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Amy in Austin said...

Wow Sandy! Can't wait to see it in person. I think you're the first one done.